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How many names of prophet are in holy quran?


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There are 25 names of prophets mentioned in the Quran.

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The name of the prophet Mousa (Moses) PBUH is mentioned explicitly in the holy Quran 136 times. In the holy Quran Mousa PBUH is the most mentioned prophet of all.

Only 3 times Zabur of Prophet Dawud(David) is mentioned in the holy Quran.

The name of the prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH is mentioned explicitly 25 times in the holy Quran.

Musa (Muses) PBUH, is the most mentioned prophet in the holy Quran. He is mentioned by name 136 times.

No Sura stars directly with the name of Muhammad Or Ahmad. Some Suras start addressing the holy Prophet SAW with the endearing and loving names like: Yaaseen! Ya Muzzamil, Ya Muddussir, Ta Ha, etc.

Muslims follow holy quran and their prophet(s.a.w.w). But now many of them are far from the true islam.

In Holy Quran there are 1015030 dots.

There are 557 rakus in the Holy Quran.

There are 6236 verses of holy quran.

there are 565 rakus in the Holy Quran

In the holy Quran there are 114 Surah.

There were many writers of the Wahee (revelation). Hazrat Amir Muawia (RA) was one of them.

25 , prophets are mentioned in holy Quran .

In Holy Quran there are 5098 Waqf or stop.

25 Prophets are mentioned in the Quran. If your interested in finding out more go read about them in the Quran yourself.

The Noble Quran is the only holy book of Islam. The second authentic (not holy) book is Sahih Bukhari in which many of the sayings of the prophet Muhammad PBUH was collected.

Muhammad PBUH has many miracles & the most important one is the holy Quran which is an everlasting & infinite miracle.

About Twenty-six names of the holy Prophets (May peace be upon them all) have been mentioned in different Surahs of the Qur'an. Refer: Surah Anbia, Shu'ara, Sa'afat, Ibrahim, Noah, etc.

The Holy Quran was revealed along 23 years.

In Holy Quran there are 93243 bar or zaber.

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