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101 ships were there.

Hundreds (if you count minor vessels thousands) of naval ships were built by the US after Pearl and before the wars end. Sixty aircraft carriers to begin with.

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Q: How many naval ships were produced before and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?
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Did the Japanese attack Australia before pearl harbor?


Why was there no declaration before pearl harbor attack?

The Japanese wanted the attack to be a total surprise.

Did Germany invade Poland before or after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Germany invaded Poland before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Why was the pearl harbor attack such a tactical success for the Japanese?

There was no declaration of war before the attack, that is why it is often called a "Surprise Attack".

Why did the US consider the Pearl Harbor attack to have contravened international diplomacy?

The attack upon Pearl Harbor occurred before the formal Japanese declaration of war .

How did the Japanese samurai ethos effect the attack on pearl harbor?

Death before dishonor.

Did a person on a yacht see Japanese planes before the attack on pearl harbor?


Did the US stopped trading with the Japanese after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Trade with Japan had stopped before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Why was the Japanese successful on the attack of pearl harbor?

It was a surprise attack, before a declration of war, on a Sunday morning against a nation at peace.

Why did the Japanese not tell their pilots who their target was before the attack of pearl harbor?

The airmen knew their targets. They had to study them.

On Pearl Harbor did the US ever undo the code?

Yes, the code was already broken right before the attack on Pearl Harbor even started. President Roosevelt already knew about the Japanese was going to attack Pearl Harbor, but he didn't know for sure if it was true. Yes, the code was already broken right before the attack on Pearl Harbor even started. President Roosevelt already knew about the Japanese was going to attack Pearl Harbor, but he didn't know for sure if it was true.

Who fired the first round in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

It was the USS Ward who fired the first shots to a Japanese midget subs in the early morning of December 7, 1941 before the Japanese Imperial Army attack and bombed pearl Harbor.

When did the US break the japaneses code?

When did U.S. break Japanese code. I heard it was before the attack on Pearl Harbor. If this is so why was the attack a surprise.

What and when was the first sign of the Japanese attack of pearl harbor?

The USN Destroyer USS Ward fired upon and sunk a Japanese Mini-Submarine (Midget Sub) before the air attack began.

Did any Americans know that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor before it happened?

Yes; a few people knew about it before it happened

What happened before the Pearl Harbor attack?

:Japan and the United States were in the process of peace talks when Japan launched their attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese did give the American people medals. The Americans put the medals on bombs that were dropped on Japan in the months following the attack on Pearl Harbor.No one knew except the Japanese. It was basically a surprise attack, although the U.S sensed the Japanese on radar. By the time they could figure out what was happening, the bombings began.Before the Pearl Harbor Attack, there was already tension between the Japanese and the Americans as America had stopped trading oil, which was vital to the Japanese, and was putting pressure on Japan for invading other South East Asian countries, which the Americans did not want to happen.

What was the Japanese perspective on the Pearl Harbor attack?

They felt that FDR wanted war and that he wanted Japanese-Americans in internment camps so that they would attack. They backed this up with the fact that the Americans moved their aircraft carriers out before the attack.

In what way did the US attack Japan after Pearl Harbor?

The first published attack was the Doolittle Tokyo Raid, but US Navy submarines were attacking Japanese shipping before that.

How long did the Japanese plan the attack on Pearl Harbor 1941?

the pearl harbor attacks occurred all throughout 1941, but even before that, it started after japan invaded Manchuria.

When did the Japanese invade Malaya?

Actually, chronologically, the Japanese invasion of Malaya is very slightly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th 1941. It led to the attack and capture of Singapore, in which many British & Australians were captured.

What happened on December 2 1941?

The message "NIITAKA-YAMA NOBORE 12 08" was transmitted using Wabun Code (Japanese Morse Code) on December 2, 1941, signalling the go-ahead of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It was 5 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Why was the US unhappy with the Japanese in pearl harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor without any notice and without a declaration of war. Supposedly the diplomats in Washington were supposed to deliver the message before the attack. The US was caught without warning.

What was the Pearl Harbor about?

Pearl Harbor is how we usually refer to the Japanese surprise attack on US military installations in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) and elsewhere in the Pacific on 7-8 December 1941. This is the action that brought the US into World War 2. Because of poor coordination within the Japanese Foreign ministry, the Japanese failed to issue a declaration of war just before the attack failed. The declaration was issued after the attack. Thus the attack was considered a sneak attack and "cowardly" and enraged the US populace. also how japan owned America

Before the attack on pearl harbor?

everyone thinks pearl harbor is a ship.

What did America do before pearl harbor attack to prepare for war?

Produced war material to export to nations fighting Germany, Italy, and Japan.