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The number of neutrons in a hydrogen atom will depend on which isotope of hydrogen we consider. Not all hydrogen atoms have the same number of neutrons. The vast majority of hydrogen atoms (over 99.98%) have no neutrons at all. Some have 1 (and this is called deuterium) and some have 2 (called tritium). These two isotopes occur naturally but are rare, as can be seen.

To determine the number of neutrons in an atom, you must use the mass number, which is the sum of the number of protons and the number of neutrons. Since the atomic number of the element (for H, the atomic number is 1) tells you the number of protons, you can find the number neutrons by subtraction.

See the Related Questions to the left for how to count the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in any atom of any element.

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Q: How many neutrons are in a hydrogen atom?
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Related questions

Why hydrogen is an atom while it has no number of neutrons?

Firstly an atom does not have to have neutrons to be an atom. Secondly there are other isotopes of hydrogen that do have neutrons

How many neutrons are there in an atom of hydrogen -3?


How many neutrons and protons and electrons are in hydrogen?

One atom of hydrogen has 0 Neutrons, 1 Proton and 1 Electron.

How many neutrons on the middle shell of hydrogen?

Their are only 2 shells in the hydrogen atom.

Are there neutrons in a hydrogen atom?

No, a Hydrogen atom does not contain any neutrons. It only has one proton and one electron.

How many negatives positives and neutrals do a hydrogen atom have?

A hydrogen atom has one proton, one electron, and zero neutrons.

How many neutrons are there in an atom oh hydrogen 1?


How many neutrons does a standard hydrogen atom have in its nucleus?


How many neutrons in a hydrogen atom with 1 proton?


How many atoms are in hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an atom itself actually. Just a specific type of atom that has 1 proton, 0 neutrons, and 1 electron.

How many protons neutrons and electrons are there in a hydrogen-3 atom?

Hydrogen always has 1 proton, 1 electron, the neutrons vary... hrdrogen-3 has 2 neutrons.

How many neutrons are in hydrogon?

One neutron per atom of hydrogen.

Are The nucleus of an atom is made of protons and neutrons?

Yes. The nucleus of an atom contains both protons and neutrons. Except for the hydrogen atom which has no neutrons.

How many valence neutrons does hydrogen have?

It's called a valence electron, and there's 1 for a hydrogen atom

How many protons and neutrons are in the nucleus of a helium-4 atom if it has twice as many protons as a hydrogen atom?

Two and two

How many neutrons in on atom of hydrogen?

Hydrogen has several isotopes, and the average atomic weight for a hydrogen atom is about 1.007 u. Here are the neutron counts for each isotope:Hydrogen-1 (Protium): no neutronsHydrogen-2 (Deuterium: one neutronHydrogen-3 (Tritium): two neutronsHydrogen-4 (Quadrium): three neutronsHydrogen-5: four neutronsHydrogen-6: five neutronsHydrogen-7: six neutrons

What is the only atom with no neutrons?


Atom that has a nucleus with no neutrons?


How do hydrogen-2 and hydrogen-3 differ?

Hydrogen-2 has one neutron per atom and hydrogen-3 has two neutrons per atom.

How many protons neutrons and electrons hydrogen has?

Hydrogen is a nonmetal gas. An atom has 1 proton and one electron.

How many neutrons do most hydrogen atoms have?

None. The Hydrogen atom, by definition has one proton and one electron.

How many protons in a Hydrogen ion?

There is one proton in a hydrogen atom and no electrons or neutrons. Because the atom only has a single proton, it is referred to as a proton in chemistry.

How many neutrons are in the atom of Hydrogen?

You need to subtract the atomic number and the mass to get the number of neutrons

What is the number of protons neutrons and electrons in hydrogen?

A hydrogen atom contains one proton, no neutrons, and one electron.

Where in a atom would you find a neutron?

The neutrons of an atom are located in the nucleus (except hydrogen-1 isotope which has no neutrons).

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