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Q: How many nieces and nephews did Marie Antoinette have?
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How many nieces and nephews does Michael Jackson have?

8 nieces and 15 nephews

How many nieces and nephews did Jane Austen have?

Unless I am counting wrong, Jane Austen had 33 nieces and nephews. There is a link below to an article that shows a list of the nieces and nephews.

Aunty Annie gives each of her nephews and nieces 100 if it costs her 1400 how many nieces and nephews has she got?


How many nieces and nephews does Barack Obama have?


Did Clarissa Barton have children?

No she did not ,but she did have many nieces and nephews.

How many nieces and nephews did Rosa parks have?


How many nieces and nephews did Osama bin Laden have?


How many nieces and nephews has cheryl cole got?

In an interview with The Daily Record in 2012, Cheryl Cole said she has 10 nieces and nephews. She has 4 siblings.

How many nieces and nephews did John F. Kennedy have?

No I need help

How many nieces and nephews does Oprah have?

She has one Niece and one Nephew.

How many nieces and nephews did Wilma Rudolph have?

over 100. (i know, its alot!)

How many siblings did sam westing have?

He has one child but sixteen nieces and nephews.

How many sisters and brothers did Marie-Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette's parents had 16 children; she was their 15th.

How many children did Marie Antoinette have how many boys and girls?

Marie Antoinette had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

How many nieces and nephews does John Cena have?

It is unknown about John Cenas current family status.

Does Keith haring have a family?

Parents and 3 sisters, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.

How many of Helen Keller's relatives are still alive in the year 2009?

Four great-nephews and three great-nieces, all of whom have personal memories of her. There are twelve children of theirs (her great-great-nieces and nephews) and several great-great-great neices and nephews.

How many languages did Marie Antoinette know?

marie antoinette spoke french, german, italian, english, and russian

How many times has Marie Antoinette been married?

Marie Antoinette was only married once, to Louis XVI.

How many girls did Marie Antoinette have?

Marie Antoinette had 2; her first child, Marie-Therese, who survived the French Revolution, and Sophie, who died as an infant.

Does Dolly Parton have children?

No, she and her husband haven't had any children. However, many of her younger siblings came to live with Dolly when she was starting to have success as a singer/songwriter in Nashville, so their children are more like her grandchildren than nieces and nephews. In fact, they call her "Aunt Granny." From her brothers and sisters, Dolly has 14 nieces and nephews (plus about three step-nieces and step-nephews from her siblings' second marriages) and four great-nephews.

How many nieces and nephews does Donnie Wahlberg have?

I know Donnie is on of nine children so I'm guessing he has a quite a few nephews and nieces. I know he has 2 nephews Danny and Jeff from one of his brothers (don't know which one), from his Brother Mark he has 2 nieces and 2 nephews, Ella, Brendan, Micheal and Grace, His sister Tracey has a son named Brandon. He also has another nephew named Adam but I don't know who's kid he is.

Did Duke Kahanamoku have kids?

Duke Kanahanoku married Nadine Alexander in 1940, but they had no children. He had many nieces and nephews.

How many nephews n nieces dose Frank Lampard have?

Frank Lampard has 2 Nieces and 1 Nephew, Millie, Mia and Stanley - Mia & Stanley are brother & Sister

How many kids does Amanda Perez have?

Amanda Perez has no children she has many nieces and nephews.