How many numbers of prophets in islam?


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Around 125000 prophets out of whom 25 are mentioned in Quran.

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There were 124,000 prophets

There are 124,000 prophets.

25 of Allah's beloved Prophets were mentioned in the holy Q'uran

25 prophets in Islam ____________________________ It is said to be around 12500 prophets. However, only 25 prophet are mentioned in Quran.

The prophets of god spread Islam.

One of the prophets was prophet dawud.

in quran allah mentioned 25 prophets names.

There are only 25 mentioned prophets in the Holy Quraan.

Yes, Islam. many Prophets had many wives.

prophets are ALLAHs (God's) messengers, sent to propogate the message of Islam. Prophets are NOT saints and should NOT be worshipped.

There are no female prophets in Islam. They were all male.

no in Islam there is only the imam,who is following the excample of the prophets

No one should use religion and especially Prophets as a purpose of entertainment ...This is wrong is so many levels

there are seven heavens on the seventh there are the prophets, companions of them etc.

There are five books mentioned in the Qur'an

there were many prophets and the main leader is muhammed (s.a.w)

Yes, there are more than 25 Prophets (PBUT) in Islam. But the number ranged to the hundred thousands.

According to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) there were 124,000 prophets, each prophet had a message and that was to spread Islam. A prophet is someone with a message, and they were the best of creation, they were sinless. (The Bible states that 3 prophets committed sins, which is false according to Islam) Muhammad was the last prophet and anyone after him is a false prophet, and there have been many false prophets. Islam is real, alhamdulillah and it's in its original form.

Jesus Christ is one of the Prophets for Muslims in Islam !

There are many famous people in Islam all the prophets, and sahabas. but one of the most famous is the last prophet muhammed (s.a.w.)

Prophets are messengers of Allah who convey message of Allah to the people .

To my information, the 5 greatest prophets in Islam are:Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all)

All the Prophets (May peace be upon them all) preached islam. Most 0of the Prophets were born in and around Jordon, Kina'an, Jerusalem, Egypt, Arabia.

Islam forbids the portrayal of prophets. Men like Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are considered prophets in Islam.

Prophets are people who speak the word of God. Messengers are prophets who also reveal a Scripture.

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