How many of each of your pieces do you get in stratego?

You get one marshal, one general, two colonels, three majors, four captains, four lieutenants, four sergeants, five miners, eight scouts, six bombs, one spy, and one flag.
The object of the game is to capture your opponent's flag before they capture yours. If you capture your opponent's flag the game is over and you win. If they capture your flag, the game is over and you lose.
marshal: 10
general: 9
colonel: 8
major: 7
captain: 6
lieutenant: 5
sergeant: 4
miner: 3
scout: 2
spy: S
The only reason why the bombs and the flag don't have ranks is because they can't move.
Special privileges:
Although lower pieces are weak they have special privileges.
Scouts can move any number of spaces forward, backward or sideways that are not occupied by another piece.
Miners are the only pieces that can beat bombs. If any other piece hits a bomb it is out of play for the rest of the game.
The spy is ranked S so that means if any piece attacks the spy it is out of play for the rest of the game. However the spy is the only piece that can capture a marshal if the spy attacks the marshal. However if the marshal attacks the spy, the marshal is safe and the spy is out of play for the rest of the game.
Here are some tips I am going to post because I am generous.
1. Surround your flag with bombs because remember no piece other then a miner can beat a bomb. Or you can put some bombs in the corner and try to trick your opponent into thinking that's where flag is and put a high ranking piece by the flag for protection.
2. Keep your spy near your general. If the enemy marshal is near you can trick him into killing your general. Then you can get him back with your spy.
3. Don't move your high ranking pieces into enemy territory like there is no tomorrow. Example: You don't want to lose your marshal to a spy or a bomb.
4. Put some of your high ranking pieces in the first few rows to capture scouts and other low ranking pieces.
5. Try to protect your miners because if your opponent has surrounded his or her flag with bombs you will need a miner later to open up a path way to the flag.
6. If you see a cluster of pieces that haven't moved throughout the game they are probably the bombs and flag.
7. Place some scouts in the front two rows to detect the rank of an enemy coming towards you and keep some safe to capture the flag later.
8. Once you know you have the highest ranking piece on the board you can attack anything that moves.
The board:
The board is a 10x10 board with two lakes in the middle of it. No piece may move onto a lake.
Rules for an attack:
A piece may move or attack forward, backward and sideways. However no piece may attack diagonally.
Additional rules:
Here are some rules for anyone who wants a little bit more challenge. These rules are optional and you don't have to play with them if you don't want to.
Aggressor advantage
When pieces of the same rank battle, the attacking piece wins.
Silent defense
When an attack is made the person who is attacking is the only person who has to say the rank of his or her piece. However when someone attacks with a scout, the defending person must say the rank of his or her piece.
When you move onto a square of your opponent's back row you have the option of rescuing one piece that you lost during the game. Here are some restrictions:
Scouts can't make a rescue.
You can't rescue a bomb.
Only two rescues can be made by each player.
The same playing piece can't make both rescues.
Here is one more rule that you MUST follow.
If you can't move or attack the game is over and you lose