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Whenever more than one atom combines with another it is a molecule! Even if they are the same type!

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Two oxygen atoms combine to form a molecule by sharing electrons

A carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms can combine together to form a methane molecule.

A molecule forms when two atoms combine with each other.

atom is the smallest particle.element which have its own properties.when two or more atom combine to form molecule

Because the universe is based on the random splitting of atoms

Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine to form one water molecule.

When two or more atoms combine, the product is a molecule.Examplestwo oxygen atoms combine to form a molecule of oxygen O2two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom combine to form a molecule of water H2OIf there are two or more elements in the molecule, the substance is a compound. Water is a compound; oxygen is not.

Water (H2O) is the molecule made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom

A molecule is not an unique entity. It is common to any substance. Any no. of atom which combine together by chemical bonds form a molecule. The melting point of any molecule depends upon its chemical composition.

Each individual hydrogen atom has one electron. Atoms always want to be in the lowest energy state possible therefore the hydrogen atoms will combine to fill the 1s orbital by sharing the two electrons in a covalent bond. This fills hydrogen's so called "octet".

A hydrogen bond can form between a hydrogen atom of one molecule and an atom of another molecule is oxygen. It is oxygen because of its high electronegativity.

Because each hydrogen atom can form a hydrogen bond to an oxygen atom in another water molecule and each oxygen atom has two nonbonding electron pairs, each water molecule can form a maximum of four hydrogen bonds to four other water molecules. The result is a tetrahedral cluster of water molecules around the central water molecule. :)

A molecule is smaller than atom.Molecules help to form atoms. Each atom can have various numbers of molecules according to it's size, weight, etc.

an atom is the smallest independent unit which can combine with other atoms or same kind of atoms to form a molecule.

yes because the atoms of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen, can combine together to form water, which is a liquid............

A water molecule (H2O) is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Atoms that chemically combine form a molecule.

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.

A nonpolar covalent bond forms when two chlorine atoms combine to form a chlorine (Cl2) molecule.

(Two or more than two ) Atoms or molecules of different elements combine to form compounds, like: Hydrogen(atom) and Chlorine combine to form HCL (an acid) Hydrogen(molecule) and oxygen combine to fom H2O (water)

When two or more atoms bind together they form a molecule. An example: two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form one H2O molecule which is also known as water.

Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) form water. So there is one Hydrogen atom and 2 Oxygen atoms to make a water molecule.

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.

what is The process of is when two atoms combine to form a largeer atom releasing energy

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