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1 gallon = 128 fluid ounces

1/2 gallon = 64 fluid ounces

regardless of what substance may or may not be in it.

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There are eight 8oz. glasses of water in a half gallon.

A gallon and half of water is 5,676 grams

A half gallon of water is 64 ounces.

Answer: Since there are 16 onces in a pound, there are 8 ounces in a half a pound.

8 ounces of water / cup 2 cups / pint 2 pints/ quart 2 quarts / half gallon 64 ounces of water / half-gallon

The ratio is 1:6 chemicals to water, so for half a gallon of water, you use 1/12 a gallon of chemicals

A two liter of water is a gallon honey.

"Bottled waters" is not a volume measurement. A gallon is a volume measurement. There are bottles that hold one gallon, in this case the answer is one. There are bottles that hold a half gallon, in this case the answer is two. There are bottles that hold a pint, in this case the answer is eight. There are bottles that hold 12 oz, in this case the answer is five and a third. There are bottles that hold a 8 oz, in this case the answer is eight.

half a gallon. its half of a 1gallon bottel

It depends on what type of liquid. Plain water weighs about 4.172 pounds per half-gallon.

You could, in theory. But where are you going to store half a gallon of water for your daily intake? Especially if there is more than one person? It is best if you buy bottled water; most cities and towns in Mexico have small stores where you can buy them.

2liters is half of a gallon.

About 1.89 liters is one answer.

Assuming this questions is regarding how much a half gallon of water weighs:A gallon of water weighs 8.345lbs.A half gallon of water, 64oz, would weigh 4.1725lbs.The answer will fluctuate slightly based on the density of the liquid (milk v. water).

There are 4 quarts to a gallon; 2 in a half gallon, 32 oz to a quart, 128 oz per gallon.

16 onces = 1 pound, so 24 onces = 1.5 pounds

At $1.29 a liter in the cooler at 7/11, a half-gallon would be $2.44 plus tax.(Using: 1 US fluid gallon = 3.786 litres)

I think a half gallon is HALF of a gallon. Not a quarter, not a third, 1/2.

Hard water can be good for fish and live plants because it has minerals in it that you don't get in bottled water. It is good to give your fish half tap water(treated with conditioner) and half bottled water. This gives your fish and live plants minerals to help them grow. You can use 100% tap(hard) water but it must be treated with water conditioner for fish.

8 cups 1 gallon = 16 cups 1 cup = 0.06 gallon

one and one half ounces = three tablespoons

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