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How many organs are in the Muscular System?


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There are no organs in the muscular system just muscles. There are 650 muscles.


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the muscles are the main organs in the muscular system

Your orgeongal bonecular diaphragm is in the muscular system

The main organ in the muscular system is the muscles.

it doesn't the skeletal system protects the organs

The major organs of the Muscular System are the muscles. The 3 types of muscles are the smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles.

The heart is the most basic organ that is part of the muscular system.

no that's the skelatory system that forms and protects the organs., the muscular system helps your body move.

The major organs of the Muscular System are the muscles. The 3 types of muscles are the smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles.

The main organs are the stomach, and the liver.

The heart is the only organ that is also a muscle. There are no other organs that are an actual part of the muscular system. Many organs are lined with muscle in order to help them function, such as the intestines and the stomach. Hope that's what you were looking for.

The main organs found in the human body's muscular system are the cardiac muscles, smooth muscles, and skeletal muscles.

the most important organs are upper and lower limbs.

The excretory system and muscular system work together by the muscles covering over the organs in your body.

lungs, skull, bones, brain,

Three organs of the muscular system would be muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. If we included nerve receptors, then we could add Golgi tendon organs and muscle spindle cells.

answ2. Mostly, organs are not part of the muscular system. Organs are such things as glands, kidneys, liver, brain and so on. A couple of muscular organs might be the heart, or the speech organs.on further reflection, I guess that your arteries are muscular, and the automatic peristalsis of stomach, swallowing, bowel movement and so on are all muscular driven.IDk! :( but i think there the muscles, bones,and i dont know the rest, hope that kinda helps

The body systems that are affected by muscular dystrophy include the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Many organs are also affected by this genetic disorder.

There are 2 main organs. 1st is the muscles and 2nd are the cells.

skeletal muscle also help with your inner organs.

the skeletal system the muscular system the circulatory system and the bone system

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