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there are 64! (:

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Q: How many original Nancy drew books are there?
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How many books has Nancy Drew written?

Nancy Drew didn't write any books. She was the fictional character in the books. I think there are 24 books.

Do you have to read Nancy Drew books in order?

No, there are many Nancy Drew books in different series, and they don't have to be read in order.

Is carolyn keene dead who wrote Nancy drew books?

There is actually no such person as Carolyn Keene, this is just a name that has been used by many people over the years when writing Nancy Drew books. Mildred Wirt Benson, who wrote the original Nancy Drew books died in 2002, aged 96

How many books are in the Nancy Drew mystery books series?


How many books are there in the Nancy Drew book series?

there are 7

How many books has Carolyn Keene writing in the Nancy Drew series?

Actually Mildred Benson, the original author, wrote 30 Nancy Drew Books, the last being The Clue in the Velvet Mask. The publishing company has many authors writing under the Carolyn Keene pseudonym.

How many books are in the Nancy drew perfect mystery trilogy?

The books are a series and not a trilogy . There are about 30 books.

How many pages were there in Nancy drew and the bungalow mystery?

Some Nancy Drew and the Bungalow Mystery books have 180 pages, but others have 240.

What books has Carolyn Keene written?

Carolyn Keene (who is not an actual person) is most famous for writing the 'Nancy Drew' mystery novels.Carolyn Keene has written many Nancy Drew books.

How many books has Carolyn Keene completed in the Nancy Drew series?

There is no Carolyn Keene. It was a "house name" by Edward Stratemeyer who wrote the outlines to the books. Then he hired a number of authors to write the books using his outline. There were 56 Nancy Drew books.

Why did they hire so many Carolyn Keenes to write Nancy Drew books?

The original author of the Nancy Drew series also wrote the Hardy Boys mystery series under the name Franklin W. Dixon. Caroline Keene was simply a pen name. After the original author passed away, the series were continued by his daughter.

How many books in the Nancy Drew on Campus series were published?

There were 25 books written in this series which ran from 1995 to 1998.

How many Nancy Drew books are there?

056 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories hardbacks 118 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories paperbacks 124 Nancy Drew Files 025 Nancy Drew on Campus 017 River Heights (not specifically Nancy, but rather her hometown) 035 Nancy Drew Girl Detective (continuing) 003 Nancy Drew Girl Detective Super Mysteries (continuing) 002 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Sleuths 036 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mysteries 002 Nancy Drew Girl Detective and the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mysteries (continuing) 006 Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Be a Detective Mystery Stories (choose own adventure) 049 Nancy Drew Notebooks (for little kids) 027 Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (for little kids) 001 Nancy Drew Ghost Stories 001 Nancy Drew Campfire Stories 001 Nancy Drew Cookbook 001 Nancy Drew Mad Libs 016 Nancy Drew graphic novels (continuing) [Last updated 24 Jul 2009 ]

How many Nancy drew games are there?

There are 37 Nancy Drew video games.

Who is Harriet S Adams?

Harriet S. Adams wrote some of the many Nancy Drew books, such as The Mysterious Mannequin, using the pen name Carolyn Keene. She and her friend Mildred Wirt Benson together wrote the manuscripts for most of the Nancy Drew books .She also wrote a few of hardy boy series . She is also credited the primary writer of Nancy Drew books

Who is Nancy drew in the series?

Nancy in the Nancy Drew series is a amateur detective who solves many diffrent mysteries!

How many movies are there about Nancy drew?

* Nancy Drew Movie(Emma Roberts came out in 2007) * Nancy Drew....... Reporter(1939) * Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase(1939) * Nancy Drew Detective(1938) * Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(1939) (There is also a television movie that came out in 2002 NancyDrew)

Where do the authors of Nancy Drew live?

he original author Carolyn Keene died many years ago. But that was the original author. he original author Carolyn Keene died many years ago. But that was the original author.

Did Nancy Drew have a job?

In all of the books (in all of the sub-series) she never has a real job. She has certain jobs - many undercover - in some books, but no job ever lasts beyond one book. In the short-lived Nancy Drew on Campus series, she is studying to be a reporter at (fictional) Wilder University.

What is Carolyn Keene's real name?

Mildred Wirt Benson was just one of the many authors for the "House Name" of Nancy Drew books.

Who is Edward Stratemeyer?

He is a popular children's mystery author. He wrote many well-read books including The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

Who is more famous Nancy drew or hardy boys?

The first Hardy Boys book was published three years before the first Nancy Drew. The first Nancy Drew is ranked 53rd on the All-Time Bestselling Children's Book List for the United States. The first Hardy Boys book is ranked 55. Both Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books are still being written. Both are very famous and beloved parts of childhood for many Americans. Nancy Drew seems to be a greater part of pop-culture and has inspired more movies. However, they are pretty equal.

What is the bio of Nancy Drew?

Nancy Drew is a fictional character who has been written about by many, many authors, and so an official biography is hard to find. The following two links are the closest I could find: There is also a book called "Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her" that might shed some more light.

How many seasons exist of the hardy boys Nancy drew mysteries?

Two seasons exist of the Hardy Boys Nancy Drew mysteries exist.

Jane O'Connor how many fancy Nancy books have been published?

How many Fancy Nancy books have been published?