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How many ounces of silver is in 1 dollars worth of coins?

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If the coins were minted before 1965, then one dollar's worth of silver coins contained .72258 oz. of silver. (Note that this will exclude cents and nickels except nickels minted from 1942 through 1945.) Nickels minted during World War 2 each contained .05626 troy ounce of silver (.11252 oz/$). Coins minted after 1964 for circulation contain no silver, except the Kennedy half dollars from 1965 through 1969. Each of these half dollars contain .14792 troy ounce of silver (.29584 oz/$. All of this assumes coins from circulation minted in the past century. There are numerous collector's-only coins made with silver, plus there are older coins with varying amounts and purities of silver in them.

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What dollar coins are worth more?

When talking about US coins silver dollars and dollars with the CC mintmark are generally worth more.

What would 100 troy ounces of silver be worth?

Jan 2010 : 100 troy ounces of silver is worth about $1,800 US Dollars.

What are some high value coins to look for when buying antique silver coins?

When buying antique silver coins you should be looking for silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars. These silver coins are reported to be worth many times their face value today. Each of these coins are heavy with 90% silver.

What is the value for silver dollars?

Well, hence their name, they are worth a dollar and are coins that are silver. LOL

How much is 5 troy ounces of silver worth?

Its about 38 dollars an ounce

What are your morgan silver dollars worth?

The coins are worth about $26.00 just for the silver. The collectible values depend on the date, mintmark's and condition of the coin's.

What is the silver content of a 1910 Mexican peso?

It is 90.3% silver and has .7859 troy ounces of silver. However, 1910-1914 Mexican pesos are collector coins with values that exceed bullion prices for all but the most worn examples. While they have less than $20 worth of silver in them, even worn coins can be worth $50 on eBay and values jump into the hundreds of dollars for better grade coins.

How much is Eisenhower silver dollars 1972?

People call these coins "Silver Dollars" just because of the size. None of the coins made for circulation have any silver and are not worth more than face value. The Mint did offer Proof and Uncirculated coins in 1972 that were struck in 40% silver, but they all have "S" mintmarks and are worth about $6.00.

How much is a 1942 Canadian silver quarter worth today?

They are worth 4-16 dollars in circulated condition. These coins contain 80% silver!

What are eisenhower silver dollars from 1971-1978 worth?

None of the Eisenhower dollars made for general circulation have any silver in them. People call them "Silver Dollars" just because of the size of the coins. 99% of the coins taken from circulation are only face value.

What is 0.6 troy ounces of 999 fine silver worth?


What silver dollar coins are worth more than a dollar?

Any silver dollars minted in 1935 or earlier are 90% silver and worth several times face value. Eisenhower dollars in the 1970s are copper and nickel and still worth one dollar.

What is a collection of presidential silver dollars George Washington through Richard Nixon worth?

These are not made by any US mint, and have no numismatic value. If the coins are silver and not silver plated, the value would be for the silver in the coins.

What is the worth of your coins there all American eagle silver dollars 1986-1996?

With those dates, the coins are Silver Eagle bullion coins that are made from one ounce of silver and value is whatever the spot price of silver is at time of sale.

How many ounces of silver in an 1879 liberty dollar?

A Morgan dollar has a silver content of .773 of a troy ounce in silver. Keep in mind though that some Morgan Dollars, especially those with a CC mintmark, or Morgan Dollars in mint state, may be worth more to a collector of coins than just their silver content, however, worn or common coins usually sell for only their silver content, especially with how expensive silver is now.

How much is a dollar in United States Money to Balboa Money?

The Balboa is the same as the US dollar. We know that US silver dollars is worth more as the Panama silver Palboa. In Panama the currency is US but there are Balboa dollar coins. Also, the silver coins in Panama are the same size as the US coins and would be worth more as the US silver coins.

How much is a 1921 dollar with no mint mark?

It will depend on condition. Worst case, all silver dollar coins are worth the .77 ounces of silver in them.

What are 1921 Morgan silver dollars worth?

Of all the Morgan dollars the 1921 coins are the highest mintage most common. Regardless of mintmarks, values for circulated coins are $16.00-$19.00.

What is the worth of a 1965 20c silver coin?

The U.S. produced 20-cent coins from 1875-1878.The only U.S. coins dated 1965 that contain silver are half dollars.

Are any Morgan silver dollar worth one million dollars?

The only dollar coins that sell for over $1M are 1804 dollars.

How were silver certificates redeemed?

You could take them to some banks and get silver dollars or other silver coins for them. There were also places that would give you $1 worth of silver bullion.

How much are silver coins worth?

One dollar's worth of pre-1965 US silver coins are worth .72 times the current spot silver price (silver dollars .76 times). Of course many are worth more as collectors items. To determine a collector value you really have to have much more specific information about the coins - the big 3 facts are their dates, their mint marks, and their conditions.

What is a 1976 Kennedy silver dollar worth?

Kennedy is on the half dollars, not dollar coins. Eisenhower is on the dollar coins from 1971-1978. There are no U.S. dollars, half-dollars or quarters dated 1976 or 1975, they all are dual-dated 1776-1976. None of the bicentennial coins made for general circulation contain any silver or are worth more than face value. Only Proof and collectors coins sold from the US Mint are worth more.

Has the value of old US silver coins increased proportionately or significantly higher this year due to the higher price of silver Do you expect this to continue as the silver price rises?

Common date silver coins follow the spot silver value. A dollars worth of 90% silver coins contains about .72 troy ounces of silver, so .72 X Spot is the "melt value." Dealers will usually buy for about 90% of melt and sell for 110%. Numismatic values of scarcer coins will increase with the spot price, too, but not proportionally. When silver prices hit $50, many coins with a small collector value disappeared because they were worth more to melt, and those worth a significant premium hit new highs, too.

How much can you get for 9 silver half dollars and one silver dollar liberty coins from 1776-1976?

None of the bicentennial Half dollars made for general circulation contain any silver or are worth more than face value. Only Proof and collectors coins sold from the US Mint are worth more.