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There are 80 ounces in 10 cups of fluid.

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How many cups equal 10 oz?

a cup is 8 oz. so 10 oz is 1.25 cups.

How many cups are there in 10 oz?

there is one and one quarter cups of WATER in 10 oz.

How many cups is 1pound and 10 oz?

1 pound ,10 oz of water is approximately 3.25 cups

10 cups equal how many fl oz?

8 fl oz a cup x 10 cups = 80 fl oz

How many cups in 10 oz?

1.25 cups is the answer to your question.

How many cups are in 10 oz?

0.625 cups, or 5/8 cups.

How many cups are in 10 oz shredded cheese?

2.62 cups of shredded cheese are available in 10 oz of shredded cheese.

How many cups in 10 fluid oz?

1.25 cups per 10 fluid ounces.

How many fl oz in 10 cups?

10 cups is 80 US fluid ounces.

How many cups of water is 80oz?

One cup is 8 oz. So 80 oz is 10 cups.

100 oz equals how many cups?

12.5 cups (US), 10 cups (BI)

How many cups is 10 oz liquid?

10 fluid ounces is 1.25 or one and a quarter cups.

How many fl oz are in 10 cups?

10 US cups = 80 US fluid ounces

How many 10 oz cups in a gallon?

12.8 10-oz servings in 1 US gallon.

10 oz. of Flour equals how many cups of flour?

unsifted and leveled off there are 2 1/2 cups in 10 oz. of flour

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