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Paradise Lost is an epic poem by John Milton, originally published in 1667. The poem is composed of 12 books, in total containing 10,565 lines. It is widely considered one of the greatest works in English literature.

The original edition of Paradise Lost was published in the form of a book containing 12 chapters. Each chapter was divided into 10 sections, for a total of 120 sections in the entire poem. Each section was composed of approximately 88 lines, for a total of 10,560 lines in the poem.

When Paradise Lost is printed out in a typical book form, it is usually divided into 12 books, and each book is divided into sections and paragraphs. In this form, the poem is usually around 500 pages in length. Thus, an average paperback edition of Paradise Lost contains roughly 500 pages of text.

However, the exact number of pages in any given edition of Paradise Lost can vary depending on the size of the font, the margins, and other factors. Some editions of Paradise Lost may contain more pages, while other may contain fewer pages.

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Q: How many pages are in Paradise Lost?
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