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How many pages does the Qur'an have?


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As with any book the number of pages would depend on the folio and font size in which it is printed.


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Quran has 118 pages or more or less

depending on how big or small is the quran you are reading...

there is not pages it is only sowar and parts it depends on the font

The Quran holy book is composed of around 600 pages.

It's better to ask about the number of parts (30) or chapters (114) The number of pages differs according to the number of words per page: in the Al Madinah Quran =604, but less in Azhar Quran. The English translation Quran, pages will differ too.

The real pages of Qur'an is in the Uzbekistan.

It depends on the size of the page, the size of the font and the line spacing. No number of pages is prescribed for writing the complete Qr'an.

That would be the Quran No book has a set number of pages. It depends on such things as the size of the font used and the size of the page.

There are 77701 words in the Quran.

There are 60 hizb in the quran

Sayeed Najmul Hasan Chishti, 56, has prepared a 63 pages, 8 feet broad and 5 feet long. Quran-setting the new world record for the Biggest hand-written Quran.

There are 6236 Verses in Holy Quran.

There are 6666 Ayats in the Quran.

There are 114 Passages in The Holy Quran

There are 114 surahs inthe quran.

6666 ayats are there in the quran

In Holy Quran there are 1015030 dots.

There are 557 rakus in the Holy Quran.

There are 6236 verses of holy quran.

there are 565 rakus in the Holy Quran

There are 540 Rukus in The Holy Quran.

In the holy Quran there are 114 Surah.

There are a total of, 114 Surah's, in Quran.

how many suras start with qhul[say]in holly quran?

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