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About 1200 Degas paintings are known today.

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How many original paintings of The Star Ballerina by Edgar Degas exist?

There are six paintings of this title, but no two are alike.

What materials did Edgar Degas use to create his paintings?

Oil painting for many years but later he preferred pstels.

How many works of art did Edgar Degas sell?

He sold most of his 1200 paintings. He did not try to sell the sculptures.

What is Edgar degas famous for?

Degas is most famous for his paintings of ballerinas and dancers. Some of his more famous works included The Young Spartans, and The Bellelli Family. Degas was an impressionist painter who influenced Mary Cassat and many other impressionists of the time.

How many paintings did Edgar Degas paint and what were their names?

About 1200 paintings and 75 small-scale sculptures by Degas are known.Some well-known titles are:The Bellelli Family (1858-1867)Woman with Chrysanthemums (1865)Chanteuse de Café (c.1878)At the Milliner's (1882)He also made many paintings of ballet dancers.

What did Edgar Degas use to make his sculptures?

He made them in wax. After his death many of them were cast in bronze.

How many paintings did Degas sell?

Most of the 1200 he painted.Most of his paintings.

What was Edgar Degas' style of art?

Edgar Degas was one of the impressionists, like Claude Monet and Mary Cassat. This group of artists were revolutionizing art during the 1800's. He worked with mostly oil on canvas but towards the end he becames blind and began working with sculptures. He is famous for his many paintings of dancers, but he also did many paintings of common people doing everyday things.

How many kids did Edgar Degas have?

Though Edgar Degas had two brothers and two sisters, he himself never married and he had no children of his own. No wife, no kids.

What materials did Edgar Degas use for his sculptures?

He made them in wax. These were found after his death and many of them cast in bronze.

How many artists were there in 1879 besides Edgar Degas?

There is no way of knowing how many artists there were in the world then or now. Tens of thousands, anyway.

Who is Mary Stevenson Cassatt?

She was a famous artist. Born in the US settled in Paris to become a painter. A close friend of Edgar Degas. Sold many paintings of her own to her wealthy relatives and friends and recommended the works of her impressionist friends to the Americans. Specialised in the subject 'Mother and Child'. ----

Who painted ballet dancers and horse races?

Edgar Degas (1834-1917) is a French argist famous for his paintings of ballet dancers and horse races. Many of his paintings are on display at th Musee d'Orsay in Paris. He wa one of the founders of Impressionism and as such is an importan artist. His painings capture snapshots of an event, such as horses being paraded before a race. His paintings of ballet dancers are beautiful and can be found in print or poster form.

How many paintings did paul klee make?

He drew over 1000 paintings.

About how many paintings did Vermeer make?

There are today about 35 of his paintings. In all probability he did not paint many more.

How many famous paintings did Salvador Dali make?

Many of his over 1500 paintings are famous, but not all of them.

How many sculptures did Degas make?

About 150 in wax, most of them were later cast in bronze or plaster.

How many paintings did M.C. Escher make?

he made 144 paintings most of them unknown [destroyed]

How many paintings did giotto make?

Giotto di Bondone made 508 paintings in his entire life!

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