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It depends upon what country you're talking about and how "early" you mean. By 1899 there were over 600,000 US patents. In 1850 there were less than 8,000.

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Q: How many patents were issued in the early 1800s?
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How many patents did Alexander Graham Bell have?

Alexander Graham Bell had 18 patents issued to him only, and 12 issued to him and collaborators.

How many patents have been issued since 1790?

In the USA alone there have been over 8,300,000 patents issued. Add to these all of the other patents in all of the other countries and you will have your answer.

How many Patents were issued to George Washington Carver?

Three patents (one for cosmetics, and two for paints and stains) were issued to George Washington Carver

How many patents have been issued?

In the US, about 8 million.

How many new patents were issued between 1860 and 1890?

In the US there were 417,325 utility patents, 19,256 design patents, and 10,263 renewals between 1860 and 1890.

How many patents in 1990?

The US Patent Office issued 99,200 total patents from 1 January 1990 to 31 December 1990, including 9 reissue patents, 6 plant patents, 194 design patents, and 98,991 utility patents.

How many Presidents have been issued patents?

That would be only President Lincoln.

How many patents have been issued in 2012?

In the US, 276,788 patents were awarded in calendar year 2012. A surprisingly detailed list is linked below.

How many patents were issued 1860?

There wasn't a patent office until 1900's.

How many patents did Nikola Tesla have?

Some of Tesla's patents are not accounted for, and various sources have discovered some that have lain hidden in patent archives. There are a minimum of 278 patents issued to Tesla in 26 countries that have been accounted for.

How many inventions did Thomas Edison invent?

I believe the final count was 1093 patents issued to Tom.

How many patents was Elijah McCoy issued?

Elijah McCoy had 57 patents , born in Canada and I don't care what people say he is not might've been the most stupid and ugly looking person in the world

Example of invention not consider new is not patentable?

Patents are issued by governments. Although many of them have the same definitions for patents, they sometimes disagree. You can get a patent in the United States for genetic cloning but not in some European countries, as an example.

What were the foundations for many of the reform movements of the early 1800s?

religion and optimism

How many patents had Thomas Edison made when he died?

1093! - The largest number held by any one person at that time. Today, there are dozens of companies that get more than that number of patents issued in the USA in a single year. Many of Edison' patents were invalid because he stole the ideas, including all of his so-called "light bulb patents", which were stripped by the patent office in 1893.

What was one result of so many young people in the early 1800s?

so many died

How many patents were granted by the US in 1990?

99,220, including utility patents, plant patents, design patents, and reissues.

How many patents are on name of Steve Jobs?

43 patents

How many patents were granted by us in 2011?

The USPTO granted a total of 247,727 patents from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011, including Reissue Patents, Plant Patents, Design Patents, and Utility Patents.

What was the goal of many utopian societies of the early 1800s?

The goal of many Utopian societies was to achieve perfection.

What rights did women lack in the early 1800s?

many like cleaning and cooking and farming

Why did they leave Ireland to come to the US?

In the early 1800s, many immigrants came from Ireland

Why did many Mexicans come to California in the early mid 1800s?

Because they want money

During the early 1800s what was the opinion of many people about the Great Plains?

they were considered to be a desert

How many patents does spyderco have?

Spyderco has 54 patents and 36 trademarks.