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Actually one, I have repossessed cars for BMW where there customer was three days late. it all depends on the states laws I have a website that may help you avoid having your car repossessed. www.stoptheREPOman DONT LET TTHE BANK TAKE YOUR CAR BACK!

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Q: How many payments must be missed before they repossess?
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How many payments can be missed on your auto before it can be repossess in OKLAHOMA?

That's dependent on the conditions of your loan. Realistically, they can legally repossess it after one payment is missed, if those terms are stated on the conditions of the loan.

How many days must a vehicle loan be late before it is repossessed?

They usually repossess when you miss two or three payments. They seldom repossess if you've just missed one.

In Georgia How many payments do you have to be behind before they can repossess your car?


How many missed mortgage payments before it is placed on your credit report?


How many payments can be missed before foreclosure begins in South Carolina?


How many payments can you miss before they can repossess your vehicle in Texas?

Legally, only one. But your contract will tell you more.

How many payments can be missed before foreclosure begins?

went through that myself its 3

How many missed mortgage payments before you get repossessed?

Its usually 3 months when the bank starts the paperwork and harrassing you to make payments

How many payments do you usually have to be behind before a financial institution decides to repossess?

60 days is usual for most lenders, however, it varies.

How many payments do you miss before wellsfargo forecloses in Oregon?

Not sure the case in Oregon, but usually after 3 missed payments, the foreclosure proceedings start.

How many days do you have to be behind in your payments in New York before they can repo your car?

As soon as you have defaulted on the loan, a creditor can repossess your car. So 24 hours after you have failed to pay, they can repossess your vehicle without notifying you.

How many payments missed on bank loan before calling co signer?

It depends on the bank but generally one missed payment is enough to call the cosigner

How many late payments before they can reposses your car in California?

by law they can repossess your car if you are 1 day late. However, your best option is to get professional help.

How many missed payments does it take for a car to legally be repossessed in Florida?

It depends on your juristiction. Most juristictions around the United States of America can legally repossess your vehicle if you're late on your payment by just 1 month.

How many payments missed before foreclosure starts in Florida?

Different places can have various restrictions when it comes to foreclosure. However, in Florida you can miss 3 payments and then the foreclosure will start.

How many payments can be missed before car will be repossed?

Depending on where you have it financed, it usually is between three to four months when they will start the process.

How many payments have to be missed before foreclosure by the mortgage company.?

This will vary by mortgage company, state, and circumstances. You will be notified by mail before any foreclosure action can be taken.

How many missed payments can you have in Utah before the bank can reposses your car?

Every financial institution is different. Typically 1 to 3 months.

After how many missded payments does a lender foreclose?

In most cases a lender will file a notace of default after 3 missed payments.

How many payments can you be past due before a lender can legally repossess your vehicle?

Usually Three. Could be less in some states. In reality, one should not be any payments past due - this will definitely harm ones credit ratings for the next 7 years!!

Can a person get arrested if he or she don't pay for the car loan?

When you get a loan you sign a legal document that states that you will make the arranged payments on time. There is usually a clause that states when payments are deemed late and how many payments can be missed before the loan is considered "default" and they own the vehicle, outright. The lender is then allowed to "repossess" their property by any means they choose (usually a towing agency). If you resist their efforts to reclaim their property (hide the car or incapacitate the vehicle) you are considered to be in possession of stolen property and subject to arrest.

How many payments have to be missed in order for the lean holder to send your name to the credit berue?


How many payments can you be past due before a lender can legally response my vehicle in KY Only owing 600.00?

Depends on what the contract you signed says. In most instances if you miss one payment then legally they can repossess the car.

How many days does a car lot have to give you before they repossess your car?

Usually no longer then a month

How many missed pills before l you get your period?

usually 1 week worth of pills that are missed..i know i am on them