How many pecks is equal to one bushel?


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Four (4) pecks is equivalent to one bushel.

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There are 4 pecks in one bushel.

There are 4 pecks in one bushel.

four pecks is equal to one bushel, or eight gallons

Four pecks equals one bushel.

You have it reversed. There are four PECKS in one BUSHEL.

One Bushel of Tomatoes - 53 lbs. 4 Pecks equal a Bushel 1 Peck of Tomaotes - 13.25 lbs. or if you prefer 6 kg

One bushel= Four (4) pecks 8 gallons= Four (4) pecks

Since four pecks is one bushel, then 24 pecks - three bushels is 12 pecks, or three bushels.

Bushel and peck are units of dry volume. One bushel is 4 pecks. One peck is 8 quarts of dry measure in volume.

One bushel is equal to about 1.244 cubic feet.

One bushel is equal to about 1.244 cubic feet.

4 pecks = 1 bushel, thus if 1 peck costs 2.25 a bushel will cost 2.25 x 4 = 9

Bushels are now most often used as units of mass or weight rather than of volume!!!! Wheat and Corn are measured by the Bushel! One Bushel of Wheat is equal to 27.21829069134458 Kilos! One Bushel of Corn is equal to 25.39998628400741 Kilos!

A bushel, but I haven't seen one for ages!

36.74371 bushels are equal to 1 ton.

No, a bushel of hay is not equal to one bale of hay. There is approximately twenty bales of hay in one bushel or string bale or hay.

One bushel is equal to about 1.244 cubic feet.

A bushel is a measure of volume equal to about 36 litres. A bushel of corn would be enough corn to fill a container one bushel in size.

One kilogram of barley equals 0.045929625 of a bushel. In other words, it takes approximately 21.77 kilograms of barley to equal one bushel.

One peck is equal to 320 fluid ounces. Therefore, to convert from pecks to fluid ounces, multiply by 320. To convert from fluid ounces to pecks, divide by 320.

8 gallons in one bushel.

48lbs of barly is in one bushel

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