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At least a couple million. In some countries 6 foot 2 is considered short.

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Q: How many people are 7 feet tall or taller?
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How many people are 7 feet tall in the world?

According to a scientific study there are 3 people 7 feet or taller for every 1 million people, so there are roughly 20,000 people over 7 feet tall.

How long are people normally on their feet?

about 5 to 6 feet tall or just do it and ur grow taller

Do taller people have bigger feet?

The majority of tall people have larger feet in comparison to smaller people. Tall people have larger bones in their feet to help them stand upright in proportion to their body heights.

How many players in the NBA are 7 feet tall or taller?


James is 5 feet tall and Caroline is 53 inches tall so who is taller?

Marley caught a fish that was two feet three inches long. How many inches long was her fish?

How tall was the average hawaiian man when captain cook arrived there?

back in the days of captain cook the average hawaiian men were six feet five in. tall. the ali'i was seven feet and taller. many tumb have been found today with bones that were seven feet and taller. my great grandfather was seven feet tall and his father was a little taller. his name was ku'kauakahi-keawehu.

Who is taller and elephant or giraffe?

The elephant is 10-13 feet tall. The giraffe is 18-23 feet tall. Therefore the giraffe is taller!

Who is taller five feet tall or 53 inches tall?

Five feet.

How tall is 48 inches?

Antonio is 48inches tall how many feet taller is he

How tall is bowser bout 15 feet?

10 feet tall, which is 4 feet taller than Mario.

Who is taller Tupac or eminem?

Tupac was 6 feet tall and Shady is 5 feet 8, so Tupac was taller.

Is a brow n bear taller than a grizzly bear?

A grizzly bear is 6 and a 1/2 feet tall standing on its two feet and an adult brown bear on its two feet is 8 feet tall. So the answer is yes it is taller.

Who is taller Andre the giant or the great khali?

Andre is the taller of the two. Andre is 7 feet 4 inches tall whereas Khali is only 7 feet 1 inches tall

Which is taller mt cook or mt Olympus?

Mt. Cook is taller at 12,316 feet, versus Mt. Olympus, at 9,570 feet tall.

How tall are homo habilis?

Homo Habilis is about 3 feet to 5 feet tall. The man is slighty taller then the female.

How tall is transformers blackout?

Despite the wrong information out there Blackout is not 33 feet tall or even 43 feet tall he is 55 feet tall! He's taller then Optimus Prime which he stands at 36 feet tall and Megatron who stands at 47 feet tall.

How tall is Sideways Transformers Revenge of The Fallen?

the sister are 8 feet tall he is about 3 or 4 feet taller than them so he is about 11 0r 12 feet tall

Bill is 6 feet tall bob is three inches taller than bill how tall is bill?

Bill is still six feet tall.

Which is bigger 16 feet tall or 6 inches tall?

16 feet taller is bigger than 6 inches tall.

How long is 14 to 19 feet tall?

Taller than me....

How tall is sideswipe transformers?

Some people think he's 15 feet tall not true if Bumblebee is 18 feet tall he would look much taller then Sideswipe which he does not plus Sideswipe stands on his wheels giving him added hight I would say he's the same hight at 18 feet tall.

If Fred is 5 feet tall and george is taller than bob how many chickens are in the barnyard on Tuesday morning?


How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio compared to you?

I'm 5'2 (5 feet and 2 inches) tall. Leonardo DiCaprio is 6'1 (6 feet and 1 inch) tall. He's 11 inches taller than me. Almost 1 foot taller than me.

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5 feet somthing or no taller then 5 feet 5

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Many presidents are very tall because people tend to elect taller rulers in the U.S.