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almost everyone

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How many states in the US that animal abuse is against the law?

in 20 states animal abuse is against the law

What year had the most animal abuse?

the year with the most animal abuse is every year,many people like to abuse animal in diffrent ways.Overbreeding and poching animal are some of our main parts of animal abuse.

How many people are in jail for animal abuse?

too many

Is animal abuse still around?

Yes. Many people still abuse their animals. It's horrible. If you see animal abuse, call your local animal control.

Are people trying to stop animal abuse?

yes there are many people on the plantet trying to stop animal abuse, animal shelters and vets are against it and most anyone would be againt a person hurting a cute little fluffball! although there are some people who just don't care there are many more who would protest againt it

How many people do animal abuse?

well i don't no but you guys should not abuse animals it is wrong

How many people are against animal testing?

Alot of people are against animal testing, but then again alot of people are for it.....

How many people are put in jail for animal abuse?

All people that abuse animals have gone to jail only if they get caught.

How many countries around the world don't have felony provisions against animal abuse?

they think animals don't have the capasity to hurt people intenchenitly.

How many people actually believe in animal abuse?


How many people have gone to jail for animal abuse?

9.3 million

Arguaments against animal abuse?

you spelled arguments wrong! anyway, there are many arguments against animal testing. people can use skin cells, computer testing, or non animal models. animal testing needs to be stopped! it is wrong. there are more accurate and humane answers for testing products!!!

How many people have been stoped for animal abuse?

about 20,000 have been stoped

How many types of animal abuse are there?

there are many types os animal abuse. one for examples is physical abuse. the other one is unitentional

How does animal abuse effect the world?

it effects the world because there are not so many animals in the world for people to have .I think that people who abuse animals should have no rights to have them.

What is being done about animal abuse?

Well, we have many organizations that are working to stop animal abuse. Some people go to jail, and some get a warning depending on how bad the abuse was. Most people go to jail AND pay a fine. More and more people are making donations to organizations like ASPCA, HSUS, PETA, and more... Those donations help win the fight of animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

What is the law or policy for animal abuse called?

It's called many names. But one of them is animal neglecting....How ever,I DO ask people to NOT abuse animals. They are very us humans!

How many animals die in one day from animal abuse?

19 animals die from animal abuse a day

How many states dont allow animal abuse?

Most states dont allow animal abuse but not all do .

Why do people protest against animal cruelty?

People protest against animal cruelty because it is wrong and is punishable. Too many people harm animals for no reason and people want it to stop.

How many dogs die a day from animal abuse?

On average, about 120,000 dogs die every day worldwide from animal abuse. The most common type of animal abuse is starvation.

Can we Control Animal abuse?

well, thereare many many many many people and clubs and poilices that are stopping it, so maybe we can stop it

In the year 2000 how many animals died from animal abuse?

how many animals are abuse each year? how many animals are abuse each year?

How many animal abuse incidents per year from January 1995 to December 2007?

There is no way to know exactly how many animal abuse incidents occur in any given year. Many forms of animal abuse are legal, and many illegal incidents never get reported.

Why are people against animal abuse?

There are many reason why people are against animal abuse, the list can go on and on. Lets use dogs for example... A dog feels pain the same way a human does, and they have the mind of a two year old child. Is it ok to abuse a two year old child? Nope. So is it ok to abuse a dog? Nope. Animals are things that depend on us to care for them because we were the ones who domesticated them, making them unable to live in the wild. It's our job to take care of them and give them a happy, loving home free of any abuse. There's also a link between animal abuse and human abuse. A man who kicks his dog when he's angry might do the same to his girlfriend. 71% of pet-owning women entering women's shelters reported that their batterer had injured, maimed, killed or threatened family pets.

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