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How many people are answering these questions?

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A lot of people are answering the questions... but remember, this is a wiki, so that means that we rely on everyone who comes here to help... if not enough people are helping, we can't keep up.

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Who is answering on health related questions?

There are many types of people who are answering health related questions.

How old is the person answering these questions?

It is not one person answering the questions. Many different people answer the questions. They are of many different ages, from young to old.

Do people answering your questions or the computer is?

YES! Real people are answering all of these questions.

Are you a human answering my questions?

Yes. People just like you and me are answering these questions.

Is this people who are answering people questions?


Why don't more people answer questions on WikiAnswers?

There are many, many, many people that answer questions on WikiAnswers. The only reason why it seems that not very many people are answering questions is because there are questions being submitted almost every 5 seconds.

How many people work for Answerscom answering all the questions?

over 1 million people.

Who is the person answering all the questions on this website?

There is no one person answering questions, but many persons.

How many questions has the person who is answering this question answered so far?

How Many Questions Have You Answered?I am answering your question, and, as of now, I have answered 2,460 questions.

Who is the scholar answering these questions?

There are many people answering the questions on this site. Some are scholars, some are not. It is a wiki, which basically means that anyone can come and ask or answer questions on the site. Kind of a collaborative community, trying to answer each other's questions.

Do these answers come from you?

Any person can add an answer. So there are many people answering questions.

Are there really people out there besides you answering these questions?

Of course. There are many visitors to this site and many of them answer questions. im a visitor! well i signed in from facebook!

Why do you not answer the questions?

LOL, its because regular people answer the questions its not a computer answering .

Is this a computer answering you or a person?

It's other people answering the questions when they search through them :)

Why do people log on to WikiAnswers?

to find out info from real people to questions that they need answering or if your answering questions its because they want people to know that they are helping them unlike me hope this was useful

What happens if your a contributor on Wikianswers?

you contribute to helping many people around the site by answering there questions

Why aren't there so many people answering questions on WikiAnswers?

You have to remember that there are over 7 million Questions unanswerd and it takes time for people to get to your answers sometimes.

What is an example sentence using the words answering the questions?

"Did you finish answering the questions?" is one example. Please coninue answering the questions in the order that they were asked. I was busy answering the questions. Answering the questions is not frowned upon, here.

What is the point of this site?

answering questions that people ask!

Who are the people answering all the questions?

users like me and you

Do you get paid for answering many questions right?


Are knowledgeable people answering the questions?

Anyone can answer questions on WikiAnswers. So some people who answer them are knowledgeable, and some are not.

What is the purpose of categorizing questions on WikiAnswers?

It helps people answering questions find questions they might know the answer to.

Why are you answering my questions?

I am answering your questions simply because you have asked.

Why isn't anyone answering questions?

Plenty of people are answering questions - however - there are thousands of questions asked every day, so yours might not get answered straight away.

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