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The number is unknown.

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How many bisexual people are in the world?

90% of are Bisexual.

Is there a bisexual person?

There are many people all over the world who are bisexual.

How many of your founding fathers were gay or bisexual?

No one knows for sure, but many people (mostly gay/bisexual themselves) do in fact believe that Alexander Hamilton was gay or bisexual.

Why do people become bisexual?

it's not something you become it's something you are. there is nothing wrong with it.

Was James Douglas Morrison a bisexual?

Morrison may have been many things to different people, but being bisexual wasn't one of them.

Are there bisexual guys?

of course their are many bisexual men.

Why are most Chinese bisexual?

This is untrue. Most Chinese people are not bisexual.

Are there people bisexual?

Yes, there are bisexual people, meaning they are sexually attracted to both the same and opposite sex.

Is it easier for people to be bisexual than totally gay?

In general, no. Some people find it easier to be bisexual, and some gay people often identify as bisexual to test the waters, so to speak. However, this has resulted in a phenomenon called bisexual erasure. People are more likely to believe that, no matter what a bisexual person says, they must prefer one gender or the other, which can cause great frustration for the bisexual community.

Why do people tell bisexual people that they have to choose a side?

Bisexual people are often those who experience the most confusion in deciding their sexual orientation. The idea of being attracted to both sexes can cause confusion and uncertainty, where the person cannot decide whether they are actually gay or straight. It may not dawn on people that they could be bisexual as well. In light of this, many people think that bisexual people are simply "undecided" about their sexual orientation so they ask them to choose a side and stick with it. The reality is, research by many studies, including that of Dr Alfred Kinsey, has proven that bisexuality exists as an individual sexual orientation. Rarely, some people may think bisexual people are simply identifying themselves as that to hide their homosexuality.

Why people turn bisexual?

Nobody turns bisexual. Sexual orientation is fixed at birth.

How many pages does The Bisexual Option have?

The Bisexual Option has 215 pages.

What are the top websites for bisexual teens?

The most notable and popular is The Gay Youth Corner - there are many gay, bisexual and possibly straight people on the forums. (See relevant links.)

Am i bisexual?

Being bisexual means we have the potential to be attracted to people of their own gender or another gender. So it is hard for us to know if you are bisexual.

Are you bisexual if you're bicurious?

No, many people feel curious, even though they are not actually willing to be in a relationship with people of the same sex

Is someone a bisexual?

its hard to answer but most guys that are bisexual are 70 % chance of being gay because bisexual is for people that are confused about the likes gay or straight

Will I ever be enough for my bisexual boyfriend?

Being bisexual does not mean that someone needs to have sex with people of both genders. It merely means that they are attracted to people of both genders. So it is possible for someone to "be enough" for a bisexual.

Is the band 30 seconds to mars bisexual?

i didnt know bands could be bisexual. only people

Is bisexual a phase?

It can be if you let it be. Typically people start out as bisexual and then feel more comfortable about there sexual orientation.

Do you hate bisexual people?

NO i dont, i am bi

Are all emo people bisexual?

No. I am straight.

What percent of people in the US are bisexual?


Do you like people that like both boys and girls?

i am not bisexual but personally i can still be friends with people that are bisexual because i dont care what they do because it's there life and i feel that they are people to.

Are shemales bisexual?

Many "shemales" are in the process of changing their sex. Some of them are bisexual; most aren't.

Is Keith Urban bisexual?

Many insiders in the country music industry know that Keith is bisexual.