How many people are on a baton team?


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For teams competing in NBTA events, a team must have a minimum of 4 members. A small team is 4-8 members... a large team is 9 or more members.


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if the person drops the baton he has to pick it up and then hand it to his team mate as the one waiting on the baton cannot pick it up if it didn't fall from him.

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to run the 4X100 relay you need a team of four people. the first person runs 100 meters then passes the baton to the second runner, the second runner runs 100 meters and passes the baton to the third runner, and so on.

There can be anywhere from 4-15ish people on a team.

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There is no official limit on how many Olympians there are in a team.

For a team it depends on how many people there are on that team, example: If there is 8 people on a team, there can only be 9-15 players on a team.

it depends on how many are on the team. you can have up to 12 people on a team but only 7 people on court.

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