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How many people are on a soccer team?


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A normal squad has eleven field players including the goalkeeper. During a game, the team may nominate up to seven substitutes (though only three may be used during the game), bringing the total to eighteen. The team may have more than this, including reserve players, practice squads, trainers, coaches, doctors, public relations officers, and so on, each of which are part of the team even if they aren't actual players.

There is no limit imposed by any rule of soccer, except that in regular adult FIFA-sanctioned or affiliated matches, a team must field at least seven players in order to play, no more than eighteen players are eligible to compete in any given match, and no more than fourteen different players may actually take the field during the match.

Additionally, small-sided youth soccer, indoor soccer, and numerous other variations of the game produce their own total numbers of team members. For example, U6 small-sided soccer is often played 3-on-3 with no goalkeepers on a field roughly the size of an average living room, and usually have one coach and no more than three nominated substitutes (because youth organizations often insist that each player get at least 50% playing time).


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