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19 people attended to the first Thanksgiving.

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About how many people attended the first Thanksgiving?

There were about one hundred and forty people at the first Thanksgiving.

Who was the first two people that attended Thanksgiving?

There is no record of exact attendance at the first Thanksgiving, but many European settlers, as well as their Native American neighbors, were present at the feast.

How many people attended the first Thanksgiving?

There were 90 Wampanoag braves plus the chief, Massasoit, and 52 Pilgrims.

Why was the first thanksgiving held outside?

The reason why the first Thanksgiving was held outside was because a lot of people attended the feast. The Pilgrims did not have a building that was big enough to hold so many people, so they had to have it outside.

How many Indians came to the first thanksgiving feast?

About 90 Native Americans from the Wampanoag tribe attended the first Thanksgiving dinner.

How many people celebrated the first Thanksgiving?

about 140 people celebrated the first thanksgiving

How many idians attended the first thanksgiving?

None. No "Idians" were there. I don't even know what an "Idian" is.

How many pilgrims attended the Thanksgiving feast?

53 pilgrims attended the thanksgiving feast in the year of 1621. The rest were sick or had died.

How many people attended the first NBA game?

The first NBA game was attended by 7,090 people.

How many guests were at the first Thanksgiving?

There where 140 people at the first Thanksgiving, which lasted three days.

When was the first Thanksgiving Celebretion?

Many people believe the first thanksgiving was held in 1621 but that was just a feast. The actual first thanksgiving was in 1623

How many attended the 1621 Thanksgiving?

143 Edward Winslow reported 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims attended the Thanksgiving event in 1621

How many people were on the airplane during the first Thanksgiving?

Airplanes were not invented during the time of the first Thanksgiving.

How many people attended the Presidential Inauguration of George W Bush?

300,000 attended his first inauguration and 400,000 attended his second.

How many people attended Mozart's funeral?

3 people attended his funeral

How many long did the first Thanksgiving last?

The first Thanksgiving lasted for 3 days.

Did the First Official Thanksgiving take place near Plymouth Rock in 1621?

The first Thanksgiving is the subject of many myths and untruths. Today, historians believe the first Thanksgiving many people speak of was actually a combination of two different events that took place in 1621 and 123.

How many people go to the ekka each year?

It was reported that 17000 people attended during the first year.

How many days did the first Thanksgiving last in 1961?

The first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days.

How many people attended the 2011 royal rumble?

there were 40 people who attended in the royal rumble

How many delegates attended the first continental congress?

56 delegates attended the first continental congress.

How many deer did they served at the first Thanksgiving?

Seven...exactly seven deer were served at the first Thanksgiving.

When was first woodstock held and about how many people attended woodstock?

Woodstock was held in 1969. And thousands of people showed up.

How many people will fly on airplanes in the US for the Thanksgiving holiday?

alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!! alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!! alot of people will fly on an airplanes for thanksgiving!!!!!!

What famous people attended Texas A and M?

There are many famous people that have attended Texas A and M. Some of them are First Lady Barbara Bush, Roger Clemens, Matthew McConaughey, and Farrah Fawcett.

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