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There are no official estimates as to exactly how many people celebrate Christmas globally, but seeing as there are over 2.1 billion Christians in the world, or about a third of world's population, it is feasible to assume that at least 1 out of every 3 people in the world celebrate Christmas.

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about 6million people celebrate ChristmasAlso you can choose to celebrate Christmas. If you believe in Jesus then you celebrate Christmas.
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quite allot I'm guessing

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Q: How many people celebrate Christmas?
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When do many people celebrate Christmas?

the 25th

Can people celebrate Christmas for non religious reasons?

Yes, people can and do celebrate Christmas for non religious reasons. Though Christians celebrate it for the birth Christ, Christmas has become very secular. Many celebrate Christmas without connecting it to the birth of Jesus.

How many people in Norway celebrate Christmas?

Almost all of them.

Do Canadian people celebrate Christmas?

Many do, yes. Not all.

How many people out of 100 percent celebrate Christmas?

90% of them

Do they give presents on Christmas in china?

People who celebrate Christmas usually give presents, yes, but there are many people in China who do not celebrate the holiday because they are not Christians.

How many people in America celebrate Christmas?

I don't know how many but there is A LOT

What do Chinese drink at Christmas time?

It depends what religion they are. Many people in China do not celebrate Christmas.

What do people get for each other in Hanukkah for Christmas?

This question makes no sense. It sounds like you're asking what to get people (who celebrate Hanukkah) for Christmas. People who celebrate Hanukkah do not want Christmas presents. They do not celebrate Christmas.

Why do people in Democratic Republic celebrate Christmas?

Because many of them are Christians.

What groups of people celebrate Christmas?

Christians, not jewish they celebrate hanukah, and people in the united states celebrate christmas, everybody celebrate christmas of the birth of Jesus Christ.

How does Kenya celebrate Christmas?

It is unfortunate because kenya does not celebrate christmas but it's people.