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How many people come out of war depressed?

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Because war IS depressing! How would you like it if you were in battle, and your best friends got killed right in front of you? You had harsh conditions like food, and all that stuff... Wouldn't that be a good enough cause to have you be even a little bit depressed?

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How did the effects of the Depression lead to World War 2?

people were depressed and therefore had nothing to do but to attend the war

Bad things that come from war?

The bad things that came from war that many people died!

The military out come of World War I was decided by what reasons?

where is world war 1 come from?how many years a go in world war 1?what is world war 1?how many people dead in world war 1?who is win in world war 1?how many people live in world war 1?when the world war 1 start?how many helicopter they use?when thwe world war fished?

In what way was the 1920s a reaction to world war 1?

The Roaring 20s were in many ways an expression of freedom in the aftermath of war. People were tired of feeling depressed because international threats and wanted to assert their liberty.

How did the Civil War affect families?

Many families were changed after the war. About 620,000 people were killed in the war, and many of those people were loved ones. The civil war separated families because people were drafted into the war, many men and young boys. Some people would come back with serious injuries and that would cause them to lose their jobs or their family.

Why did vietnamese people come to Australia?

Many were refugees after the Vietnam war and it was not safe for them to return home

Was the Victorians in World War 2?

there were no victors in world wa r2 because it only bring destruction and misery to all the people even the Axis were defeated the the world was in destruction, even the people are happy because the war is finished but many had died many had suffered and many was depressed because peoples lose their love ones so no one is victor

How many Jews immigrated to Canada during World War 2?

Alot because no one wanted to be in World War 2 but many of the loved ones were sad depressed even!:(

What was the out come of the civil war?

dead people

Why did Virgina Woolfe kill herself?

Creative people are prone to depression, and there are indications that she was very severely depressed, probably because of the war.

How were the dictators able to emerge between World War I and 2?

World War 1 made the people so depressed, that they would follow anyone who would try to lead them.

Who was the people in the Civil War?

The were many people in the civil war.

Is war the only answer?

war is the only answer in some cases , like if we didn't have war then we would live in a depressed world

Why did people from Vietnam come to Australia?

Because of war

How many people visit the National World War 2 Memorial?

how many people work in the war memorial today how many people work in the war memorial today

How many people were nurses in the war?

Which War?

How did men act when they returned home from World War 1?


What impact did the American Civil War have on Georgia?

i think she got depressed

During World War I, about how many people were wounded?


Why did people come to the New World?

People came to the New World for several reasons.Religious Freedom -- many countries came to find land to practice their religion.Land -- many farmers came for new land that was waiting for them.Money -- many people thought that in America, you walked on money.Work -- in many countries, you wouldn't work so they came to work where they wanted.Peace -- some countries were in war so people would come to escape the war.

How many people are affected by war?

All people located in the war zone.

How many people died in the British War?

3,000 people have died at the war

How many people were there in war war II?


How many people stayed alive after the civil war?

how many people stayed alive in the civil war and we really dont know because their was so may people in the war.

How many people were drafted for the Civil War?

Answer there has to be more than 645,000 people in the war because 620,000 people died in the war