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Less then 2000.... So 1000

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How many people die of sharks every year?

10,less or more.

How many people die from sharks each year?

usually about 3 or 4 but, 150 people die from coconuts falling on them each year!

How many sharks die each second?

3 sharks, die , on average, every second

How many people injured by sharks?

very few people are harmed by sharks

Do hammer heads eat people?

Yes. Lots of people die from hammer head sharks . Evan other sharks

How many species of sharks attack humans?

not a lot of sharks attack humans. when people get attacked it is from a bite.sharks dont like the taste of humans. only about 4-10 people a year die from shark attacks. 150 people die each year from a coconut.

How many people die a year because of tiger sharks?

I would say 35 to 60 per year

How many people have been killed by fish?

5 people a year die by sharks you are more likely to be killed by a coconut falling on your head!

How many whale sharks die each year?

ten thousand and 376 whale sharks

Why do sharks go into caves around into mexico and japan?

They do this because near Mexico and japan people want sharks to die or people will eat them.

How can sharks die?

Sharks can die of many different reasons like, Age, poison, polution, finning which causes them to drown and die, even being hunted.

How many sharks die every year?


How many people get Attackt by sharks?

134 people

How many people are afraid to swim because of sharks?

Many people !

Why sharks endangered?

They are endangered because to many people are killing the sharks for no reason.

What sharks eat mako sharks?

Many other larger predators and people.

How the dolphin have helped humans?

There have been many stories of many dolphins saving people from sharks and other things. They have saved people from sharks by hitting the sharks with their mouths on a specific spot on the shark's side. This act causes the shark to die and the dolphins carry the human to shore. These animals are very protective over humans.

How are sharks helpful for people?

by killing fish. without sharks we would have to many fish

How many people get killed by sharks?


How many people killed by sharks?


How many people eat sharks?


How many sharks die longlining every hour?


How many sharks are dead from humans?

Sharks kill an average of about 4 people each year.

How does sharks die?

by blowing sharks up

Are there sharks in the Atlantic ocean?

There are many many sharks in the Atlantic Ocean. Some species are potentially very dangerous to people.

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