How many people die in a hydrogen bomb?

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If a hydrogen bomb was dropped on New York City today there would be 8 million or more killed in the initial blast zone and later from radiation poisoning and cancer. So it depends on how many people are in the initial blast zone and radiation spread.
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How many people will die of a 20 kt nuclear bomb?

0 to a few 100,000 depending on height/depth of burst, distance from burst, terrain, and fallout distribution. If detonated at least 5 to 10 miles from the nearest person it i

How many hydrogen bombs were tested?

The attached link has information about the Soviet atomic bomb program. Anyone want to offer up info on other countries?

How many countries have a hydrogen bomb?

The US, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, and Pakistan are known to have thermonuclear weapons ("hydrogen bombs"). North Korea has tested fission cores powerfu

What were people worried about with hydrogen bombs?

People were/are worried about fusion bombs for the same reasons they were/are worried about fission bombs, except more so because the yield of a fusion bomb is typically much

How many hydrogen bombs have been tested?

Cannot be determined as for some test shots the testing nation still considers the type to be classified information. And with underground testing nobody else can determinee t
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How many people would be affected by the hydrogen bomb?

Cannot say without knowing much more information. To begin withhydrogen bombs have been built with yields from about 50 kilotonsto 50 megatons and can be built much larger. It