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In the three battles of Ypres, but mostly in the third (Paschendale), the British had more than 1 million soldiers died. The majority of these soldiers were British or French.

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Who and how many people died in the ypres battle?

50,000 People died in the Battle of Ypres

How many people died in the battle of ypres?

I assume that you are talking about the second battle) 6,000 people died at Ypres.

How many Canadians died at Ypres in World War 1?

Over 2000 canadians were killed in the battle of Ypres during WW1. This was the first time poison gas (made from chlorine) was introduced in WW1.

What or where was the battle of ypes?

Well if you mean the battle of ypres then it was a series of 4 battles fought around a town in Belgium called ypres during the first world war. During these battles the Germans used alot of poisonous gas, chlorine gas. There was heavy fighting, some of the heaviest in the whole world war and many people were killed. In the second battle of the ypres john condon who is the youngest known soldier to die, age 14, died.

How many British soldiers died during the battle of Ypres?

70,000 soldiers died during the Third Battle

How many people died in 1940?

There are a great many people that died in 1940. There were millions of people who died all around the world.

How many people were in World War 2 and how many died?

i think that its 2345,000 people died in WW2

How many people died on the trip to the New World?

135 people died on the Mayflower voyaging to the New World

How many people died in the construction of the World Trade Center?

Sixty people died in the construction of the World Trade Center.

How many Russian people died in World War 1?

6,928,382 Russian people died in world war one.

Roughly how many people died as a result of world war2?

50 Millionhow many died in world war 2

How many people died in 2007 in the world?

According to the UN, 55,368,000 people died in 2007.

How many women died in World War 2?

People Said over 60,000,000 People Died in World war 2.

What was Canada's involvement in the second battle of ypres?

The second battle of ypres had Canada as one of their involvements.as of many others,too.

How many new zealanders died during world war 2?

I don't no how many people died in world war 2

How many people died in world war 1 and in world war 2 altogether?

WW1: About 37 million people died.WW2:About 60 million people died.= 97,000,000

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