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How many people died during the American Revolution?

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American Revolution Battle DeathsVarious sites on the internet give the following figures for the American Revolution, regarding American Revolutionary War battle deaths. The best way to find the answer would be to visit the website listed below, although here is a rough estimate.

American Revolution (1775�1783) Total people in service--217,000 Battle deaths: 4,435 Non mortal woundings: 6,188



27,500 Americans 10,000 british so about 37,500


When it came to the war and the losses of life, about 7,200 Americans were killed in battle during the Revolutionary War. Approximately 8,200 were wounded. Around 10,000 others died in military camps from disease or exposure. Some 8,500 would die in prison after being captured by the British. American military deaths from all causes during the war adds up to 25,700 people.

In addition, approximately 1,400 soldiers were missing.

British military deaths total about 10,000.

Fighting began on April 19, 1775 at Lexington, Mass. and nearby Concord. British strategy called for crushing the rebellion in the North. Several times the British nearly defeated the Continental Army. But victories at Trenton and Princeton, N.J., in late 1776 and early 1777 restored patriot hopes, and victory at Saratoga, N.Y., which halted a British advance from Canada, led France to intervene on behalf of the rebels.In 1778, fighting shifted to the South. Britain succeeded in capturing Georgia and Charleston, S.C. and defeating an American army at Camden, S.C. But bands of patriots harassed loyalists and disrupted supply lines, and Britain failed to achieve control over the southern countryside before advancing northward to Yorktown, Va. In 1781, an American and French force defeated the British at Yorktown in the war's last major battle.CONSEQUENCES:
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How many died during the American revolution?

about 1,000,000 people died in the revolutionary war

How many french died in the American Revolution?

990 french died during the American revolution.

About how many american soldiers died in the american revolution?

There were approximately 25,000 American soldiers that died in the American Revolution. The British lost around 20,000 soldiers during the war.

What percentage of Americans died during the American Revolution?


How many Germans died in the American revolution?

Germans fought and died in the American Revolution. About 1,200 were killed during the war. An additional 6,354 died from accidents or illnesses.

How many US soldiers died during the American Revolution?

about 25,000

Who are some patriots that died during the American revolution?

During the American Revolution the patriots were the people that believed that America would be better gaining their freedom from Great Britain. Crispus Attucks was one of more than 25,000 patriots that died for this cause. Nathan Hale was an American spy that gave his life for our country.

Representative body of England during the American revolution?

During the Revulutionary War, the king died.

How many people died in American Revolution?

20 000

How many people died on British side in American revolution?


Why how many people died in tiananmen square?

2,000 to 4,000 people died during the revolution.

How many innocent people died in the American Revolution?

About 50 Inocent people die in American revalotion

How many people served in the American Revolution and how many died?

380000 served you died

How many people died during the glorious revolution?

the point to calling it the "glorious" revolution, was because it was a bloodless revolution so therefor nobody died.

Why were people unhappy during the Mexican Revolution?

many people were unhappy during the Mexican revolution because many of their family members died and were injured from the war

How wany people died during the Russia revolution?

37% or 43,509,430

How many people died during the Industrial Revolution?

over 25,000 people died from diseases such as cholera and from pollution

How did the American Revolution affect England France and Spain?

alot of people died

What are some similarities between the American revolution and the twin towers?

alot of people died

What is the death toll of the Chinese Cultural Revolution?

It is estimated that somewhere between 2-7 million people died during the Cultural Revolution No, much more. About 30 million people died as a cause of the Cultural Revolution.

3 important people who died during the American Revolution are?

idk that's what i am trying to figure out... so juss Google it ha that's what im doin = P

How many American people died during the world war 2?

2000 people died in ww2

An x word for the American Revolution?

Xavier Cathedral is in Vincennes, Indiana. People who died in the Battle of Vincennes during the Revolutionary War on February 23, 1779 were buried in the cemetery at Xavier Cathedral. John Xavier was a leader in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He took part in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

How many colonist's died in the American Revolution?

25000 American colonists died

One similarity between the American and French revolution?

In both cases, people fought and died.