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The Salem witchcraft trials were held in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. 140 were accused, 20 were killed.

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Q: How many people died in the Salam Witch Trials?
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How many people died in the Salem witch trials?

24 people died

What is justice in Salem witch trials?

There was no justice in the Salem witch trials. Innocent men and women died because of people's fears.

How many people died during the Salem witch trials?


How was the Salem witch trials and the holocaust the same?

People died unfairly in both. :(

How were people killed in the Salem witch trials?

they were hanged, crushed for not entering a ple and some died in prison

How many people were killed during that Salem witch trials?

During the Salem Witch Trials in Salem Massachusetts in 1692, 19 were hanged, 1 was pressed to death and as many as 13 died in prison.

Who were executed during the Salem Witch Trials?

The Salem witch trials happened during the year 1692, the first to be executed was Bridget Bishop. In total 19 people were killed after being found guilty of witch craft, this is not counting the many people that they suspected died in jail.

How many witches died in the Salem Witch Trials?

The Salem witch trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft- the Devil's magic- and 20 were executed.

When did the Salem Witch Trials start and end?

The Salem Witch Trials began in February 1692 and continued until May 1693. During this time at least nineteen people were killed as witches and at least five others died in prison.

Who were the people who died in jail during Salem Witch Trials?

Roger Toothaker, Ann Foster, Sarah Osbourne and Lydia Dustin.

How many people and animals died in the Salem witch trials?

Combined, twenty-four people died via execution or died while in prison. Two dogs were killed by townsfolk that believed they were witches' familiars.

When did Saeb Salam die?

Saeb Salam died in 2000.

Why did people die in prison during the Salem witch trials?

Conditions in prison weren't the best. Sarah Osbourne, one of those who died in jail, had been ill for a few years before the Trials.

How many were killed in the Salem witch trials?

19 people were hanged, 1 pressed to death and 4 died in prison. It is widely accepted that 13 more died in prison

What happend to the girls after the Salem witch trials?

One of the tests for a witch trial was the drowning test. They would tie you feet to bricks and throw you in a lake. If you came up, you were a "witch", if you didn't .... you died... So if your called a witch, you died.

Did all the accused people in the Salem Witch trials die?

No. OUt of the hundreds accused, only 20 were executed and only four died while in jail.

Where did many executions of the Salem witch trials occur?

In Salem, Massachusetts in America. 21 died.

How many people have died because they are a witch?

No one really knows how many actual witches have died because of what they were. However, the official death toll of the British, Scottish, and American witch trials numbers 9 million accused and convicted.

Were accused witches burned at Salem witch trials?

No. Accused witches during the Salem witch trials were not burned, they were only hanged. The only non-hanging death was Giles Corey who died by being being crushed by large rocks. The Witch trials were held in other places such as Europe where some accused witches may have been burned. But burning at the stake was not common during all the witch trials held.

Who was the last person to die in the Salem witch trials?

Ann Foster, who died in prison in March, 1693.

How does this jonestown and Salem witch trials compare and contrast?

The only comparison is that people were killed. The Salem trials were legal trials caused by a religious panic and was contained to a single county. Only twenty people died and those deaths were technically legalized. Jonestown was sheer massacre because of cultish mentality.

When did Waleed Al-Salam die?

Waleed Al-Salam died in 1996.

When did Abdul-Salam Ojeili die?

Abdul-Salam Ojeili died in 2006.

How many lives did the Salem witch trials claim?

20 were executed and between 4-13 died in prison.

How many people were hanged in the Salem witch trials?

There were over 160 people accused of being involved in witchcraft - 19 were hanged and 1 was pressed to death. Also, there were five accused that died in the Salem Village jail (there may be as many as 13 more people who died in the Salem but the sources don't match, so no one knows), and there was one man who was crushed to death by having large stones pressed on him. This site tells a lot about the Witch trials, the people who died, and where they lived: