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US Civil War

How many people died in the US Civil War?


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October 22, 2017 10:23AM

The American Civil War was one of the deadliest wars in American History. As many as 620,000 individuals lost their lives during the Civil War, more than in any other war before or since.

Confederate deaths were about 260,000 of which 93,000 were killed in combat, while Union deaths were 360,000 of which 110,000 deaths were in combat. Disease was the major cause of death in the civil war. Out of 620,000 deaths, over 400,000 were from diseases.

In total deaths the American Civil War was the deadliest war in American history (although in combat related deaths, World War II remains the deadliest conflict with 292,000 combat deaths).

Union Casualties : 110,000 killed in action

360,000 total dead

275,200 wounded

Confederate Casualties :93,000 killed in action

260,000 total dead

137,000 wounded

All said, some 635,200 Union soldiers were killed or wounded, and 397,000 Confederates were killed or wounded.