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How many people died in the US Revolutionary War?

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230,000 soldiers died

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Q: How many people died in the US Revolutionary War?
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How many people died during the Revolutionar war?

About 25,000 Americans died in the Revolutionary War.

How many people died than in the Revolutionary War?


How many Americans died in the Revolutionary War?

Approximately 25,000 people died in the Revolutionary War. This is only a rounded estimate, the exact number is not known.

How many died during the American revolution?

about 1,000,000 people died in the revolutionary war

What were the consequences of the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War left many people dead. The Revolutionary War was fought to give the people of the America their freedom from European rule. Many soldiers that came from Europe to fight for the British died and left families devastated as well as many of the people in the Colonies.

How many Americans have died in war?

American deaths since the Revolutionary WarAbout 1,200,000 Americans have died since the Revolutionary war.

What was a negative effect of the Revolutionary War?

people died

How many kids died in the American revolutionary war?

There is no way to tell how many children died in the American Revolutionary War. It is estimated that this number was in the hundreds.

How many british died in the revolutionary war?

thousands died

How many people died at the battle of new york during the revolutionary war?

over 1,000

Why the Revolutionary War ended?

because many people died and nobody else joined so there wasn't enough people to start a war.

How many civilians died in the revolutionary war?


How many colonist died in the revolutionary war?


How many British soldiers died in the Revolutionary War?

a total of 37,000 died

How many died of combat in the revolutionary war?

Those who died were the number of casualties

What famous people died during the revolutionary war?

john smith

How many british died durning the revolutionary war?


How many soldiers died of disease during the revolutionary war?

More than thirty thousand people died from disease or from being shot

How many patriots were in the Revolutionary War?

217,000 people

How did bunker hill affect the outcome of the revolutionary war?

many people died the british which made the Americans fight harder.

People involved in the Revolutionary War?

Yes, people were in the revolutionary war. This is not a question.

What is another war where a lot of people died?

revolutionary, vietnam, ww2, ww1.

How many Americans died in the war?

Which war? The USA has been in a lot wars from the Revolutionary War to the War in Afganistan.

Revolutionary War words X Y?

Xavier Cathedral cemetery was the burial place for people who died in the Battle of Vincennes during the Revolutionary War. Yorktown (Virginia) was the scene of a battle during the Revolutionary War.

How many soldiers fought in the revolutionary war on the american side?

36,000 people fought on the American side of the Revolutionary War