How many people died in the Vietnam War?

U.S. 58,000 troops were killed

the North vietnamese army 1.1 million deaths 1,170,000 people were injured

Also, estimates for civilian deaths range from .5 to 2 million. There is difficulty in nailing down this number, because of several factors:

distinguishing between VC and Civilians was often difficult

poor census numbers, leading to inability to accurately count deaths

reluctance on the part of all parties to accurately count civilian deaths (propensity to over-inflate or under-count, depending on the entity)debate over including executed civilians not specifically related to combat (significant number of both North and South Vietnamese were killed by government forces of both sides in politically-motivated actions not remotely related to actual combat).

Note, most death counts cover 1959 - 1975.

Also, all of the numbers above EXCLUDE any deaths in Laos and Cambodia. A ballpark number for the entire regional death toll is 5+ million.

See the link below for a summary of military KIA for the war.

Over 58,000 US Servicemen died in the war; for casualties of other nations, see: Vietnam War casualties.