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How many people died in the world war2?

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For the death toll of soldiers, it is well over 10million and with the death toll of civilians it is 12millions plus.

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How many people died in world war2?

over 60million

Roughly how many people died as a result of world war2?

50 Millionhow many died in world war 2

How many french people died in world war2?

There was a combined 567,600 deaths from military and civilians.

How many americans died in world war2?


How many people served in World War2?


What did Hitler do after the world war2?

he died

How were the two world wars related?

the 2 wars (world war1 and world war2 are related because there was a lot of dist ruction and many people died

How many died in world war2 in numbers?

at most 70 million, atleast, 50million

Did people want world war2 after world war 1?


What world events happened after world war2?

people had no food!

Who was killed in World War2?

70 million people at least

Was wORLD WAR1 wrser than world war2?

no world war2 was worser than world war1.

What did the people in the countryside take with them in world war2?

they took ropes and pipes

How many grams was meat rationed to in World War 2?

world war2

How many airman did the british lose in world war2?


When did the us join world war2?

The U.S./America joined World War2 in 1941

How many years was it between world war1 and world war2?

21 years officially

Where was world war2?

it was around the world!

Did you have to be evacuated in world war2?


In Germany who was famous in world war2?

In Germany Hitler was the leader and he was famous to his people for a while...

Why did adoif Hitler stared wolrd war2?

Adolf Hitler started world war2 because Germany was blamed for world war1 and Adolf Hitler said he will redeem Germany and Adolf Hitler fought in world war2

Why so many people died in Soviet Union during World War2?

It was not only military deaths and they were high because neither the Germans or the Soviets gave quarter, but there was also famine and disease and the cold Russian winter to contend with.

What two events intensified the cold war?

Joseph Stalin died, and the US and its allies won world war2

Italy in world war2?


When did World War2 end?