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How many people died of gangrene in World War 1?


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There are no statistics on just how many people died of gangrene during World Wars I and II. Estimates place the number of dead from this infection in the thousands.

about 25,000 people die from gangrene a year

2000000 people die every year

Gangrene has no know discovery. Researchers say that gangrene was first found in the wounds of Civil War patients. Many people died in the Civil War because of this. Around 30,000-45,000 died because of gangrene infected wounds.

1000,000,001 people get gangrene a year.

over 60 million people die every year

Impossible to number, since many have died of it in undeveloped countries who wouldn't even have heard of gas gangrene.

30,000 sicknesses killed more people during the war than bullets, mortar, cannons.

Depending on the severity of the gangrene, it can either be lethal in as little as a week or as long as many years. Gangrene is treatable, so it doesn't often kill people who seek help.

Many people can only live with gangrene no longer than two months. This is because the infection eats away at your body. However, gangrene is no longer a common health ailment.

There are a great many people that died in 1940. There were millions of people who died all around the world.

Before bacterial infection and sterilisation became fully understood, countless people suffered from gangrene leading to loss of limbs and death.

i think that its 2345,000 people died in WW2

In the U.S., about 1,000 people a year, and not much more than that i do not kno

135 people died on the Mayflower voyaging to the New World

Sixty people died in the construction of the World Trade Center.

6,928,382 Russian people died in world war one.

According to the UN, 55,368,000 people died in 2007.

50 Millionhow many died in world war 2

Gangrene claims about 25,000 lives each year

People Said over 60,000,000 People Died in World war 2.

I don't no how many people died in world war 2

WW1: About 37 million people died.WW2:About 60 million people died.= 97,000,000

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