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How many people died on December 7 at Pearl Harbor?


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In Pearl Harbor, over 2,400 people died on December 7,1941.

Absolutely nothing , but the attack on Pearl Harbor did provide the impetus for the U.S to enter WWII. Until the bombing the U.S refused to take a stand in the conflict although it had become increasingly clear that Hitler attempting genocide of an entire race

55 Japanese died in the attack of Pearl Harbor.

There were over 2,500 people killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

About 2,400 people died in the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.

the japenese bombed the uss arizon and 1177 people died (the crew)

crew list of uss california at pearl harbor

no presidents died during pearl harbor

On December 7, 1941, Japan surprise attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Japan destroyed some air force bases and nearly damaged or sunk almost all the navy ships. Around 2,000 people died from the attacks. After Pearl Harbor, the US entered into the WWII.

On the morning of December 7, 1941 350 Japanese planes attacked the base at Pearl Harbor and sunk ships and killed US sailors on the ships. Until 9-11 that was the only attack on US soil and just like we honor the people who died in NY we honor the men and women who died at Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was the start of the United States joining the allies in the war against Hitler and the Japanese. It became a two front war.

After the attack on pearl harbor, was when you died!

2,403 people died during the attack at Pearl Harbor. 68 were civilians. So 2,403 - 68 = 2,335 were Navy personnel.

2403 were killed 1178 were wounded

there were 2, 403 Americans who died in pearl harbor210,000

I'm not sure about men but i know that 2403 people died in the pearl harbour attack.

Over 2,300 persons died during the attack, of which about 57 were civilians.

Many people died and there were many casualties

Thousands of people Died, brought the United States into WW2

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