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How many people fought and died in English Civil War as a percentage?


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About 600,000 people died in the civil war

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Up to this present day, there is no record as to how many people fought in the English Civil War. There is only a record of how many deaths there was, which totaled to 868,000.

Over 50,000 people were injured or wounded Number of Deaths England-190,000 Scotland-60,000 Ireland-618,000 Total-868,000 Fought-?

Cavaliers fought for the Monarchy during the English Civil War

The English civil war was fought in the 17th Century.

Royalist forces fought against the forces of parliament (AKA Roundheads).

The royalist who fought for King Charles II while the marbleheads or parliamentarians fought for the English Parliament.

Well.. I don't know their real names, but they was always called by their nicknames. The Parliaments army was called the 'Cavaliers'. The people who fought for Cromwell's army were called 'Roundheads'.

We fought each other. That's why it is called a "civil" war. The southern states fought the union. the people who fought in the civil war were people like Rosa park and Martin Luther king to fight for difference and freedom to show that black and white people to mix and to try and persuade people that black people are the same as white people.

A civil war is where the opposing sides belong to the same country or region, as opposed to fighting a foreign country. A war fought between people from the same country: e.g the English civil war

3,164,000 people fought in the civil war. 620,000 Americans were killed during the war and 412,200 Americans were wounded.

two people were fighting at subway It was a battle fought between the Royalists & Parlimentarians during the English Civil War

The last battle of the English Civil War was fought in Maryland. The Battle of?æSeven?æwas an?æextension of the conflict in Britain.

Who is he - about 5 million people fought in the US Civil War.

A civil war occurs when one faction of a country fights another faction of the same country. For example: the North fought the South in the American Civil War in America. The Cavaliers fought the Parliamentarians in the English Civil War.

Not at all. Many people don't know that the civil war was fought for more than one reason. - Abolishment of slavery - Civil Rights - Rights of the people, and land for landowners. No, without the civil war, our economy and civil leadership wouldn't be what it is today.

The English Civil War was fought over two different ways of ruling the country. Monarchy - the King Sort of democracy - Parliament

The Civil was fought in 1861-1865.

Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Royalists (Cavaliers).

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