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How many people from Britain died in World War 1?

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1,784,937 soldiers died, 1,947,734 soldiers injured

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About 451,000 British people died in WW2

About 14,000 people dies during the world war 2.

100000000000 million trilian kazilian people died in the bombing of world war two from britain and germany

Around 4000 people who fought in the battle of Britain died

The number of British soldiers killed in World War 1 was about 880,000.

About 500,000 people died because of the romans

there were many who died. there were so many that many of the people in time that had tried to count have lost track. there was about 2800 people that died. that was what many people have come to.

Well in Great Britain, around 50million survived the war. My grandpa who died in 2005 refused th Vitorian Cross which is the highest badge in Great britain! He said the people who died deserved the badge.

Around 50% of Europe's population had died of the Black Death but it was not spread entirely around the world as it was based in Europe. Britain had been most affected by it as 40% of the country had died.

There are a great many people that died in 1940. There were millions of people who died all around the world.

400,000 british soldiers died in ww2

i think that its 2345,000 people died in WW2

Britain lost 700,000 fighting men in WW1

because people know that England is a rich country and they can get a job. People moved here after the second world war. Many people in Britain had died, homes and buildings were bombed down. Britain called on the countries that were part of its empire a long time ago to come to Britain if they wanted to. Many people in some of the poorer countries came over for a good education and job opportunities, which they would not get in their own countries.

135 people died on the Mayflower voyaging to the New World

Approximately 2 million people....Not quite, more like 67,000

Sixty people died in the construction of the World Trade Center.

6,928,382 Russian people died in world war one.

50 Millionhow many died in world war 2

According to the UN, 55,368,000 people died in 2007.

People Said over 60,000,000 People Died in World war 2.

In total, Britain lost 450,900. This includes 383,800 soldiers and 67,100 civilians, which were killed during WW2.

I don't no how many people died in world war 2

WW1: About 37 million people died.WW2:About 60 million people died.= 97,000,000

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