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Less than ur weight

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Q: How many people get liposuction with laser each year in the US?
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How many people have died undergoing liposuction?

180 people die each year in America from liposuction.

Is laser liposuction safer than the traditional liposuction?

Yes, laser liposuction is safer then the traditional liposuction for many reasons one being that you do not have to slice into the skin to remove the fat. With laser liposuction it use's energy to simply melt the fat away with none of the risk of having to go under the knife to remove the fat.

Which companies in Los Angeles California offer liposuction of the thighs?

Beverly Hills Liposuction Surgeons, Liposuction Option, Smart Lipo, Celebrity Laser Spa & Surgery Center, and Pasadena Liposuction Surgeons, amongst many others.

What is Easy and simple treatment for weight loss?

Do you want to a best laser liposuction to look smart and slim with in no time? So first you have to consider laser liposuction Cost, this is a best factor which help you to take a decision if it is a procedure for you or not. Like other different cosmetic procedure this treatment cost also varies from person to person. according to your individual requirement and severity of problems. There are many other factors as well that are crucial in determining Laser liposuction. If you are interested for liposuction treatment in Dubai then you can get the free consultation from best surgeons.

How much it will cost you for underarm liposuction?

This depends on many factors: the surgeon you will opt for, the technique that will be used (wet, laser, ultrasound, PAL) and the anesthesia that will be used!

Average cc's removed during liposuction?

The average amount removed is 1500cc to 3,000cc. Liposuction is a low risk cosmetic surgery that many people elect to have.

Which are the best new liposuction techniques available?

There are various forms of liposuction techniques available. These include: the tumescent technique, the ultrasonic technique, vaser liposuction, power assisted techniques, laser liposuction and water jet assisted liposuction. While the ultrasound and laser techniques are some of the newer forms of liposuction, they do pose the risk of greater complications.

What is wrong with having liposuction?

There is nothing wrong with receiving liposuction. Some might say that it is a vanity thing, but that is not always true. Others can say it is a way for lazy and out of shape people to look healthier. Many disagree. Do you know how many people out there actually eat a healthy diet, abstain from alcohol and fast-food, who still have excess weight? It is amazing how much genes really can play into this. Receiving liposuction actually gives many people an opportunity to look as healthy as they feel, which is actually very healthy from a self-esteem perspective. Additionally, it literally can make them healthier, since they will not be carrying around a lot of unnecessary weight. Technology has opened the door too to offering safer and more effective liposuction than what was available in the past. SmartLipo actually uses a laser to assist the surgeon in the process. The laser on the wand actually liquefies the patents fat and sucks it out much more efficiently.

Is full body liposuction safe?

Full body liposuction is costly and can have many complications.

How much is liposuction?

There are many different types of liposuction, e.g. ultrasonic, tumescent, laser surgery. The costs can vary from 1500 to upwards of 7500 dollars. It all depends on how extensive your needs are and what types of risks you are willing to consider. Also, the surgeon you choose, often has a large effect on the cost.

How to Choose Between Traditional and Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from the body by using a suction or laser technique. Many patients decide to undergo this procedure as a way of shaping their body and removing fat from stubborn areas. When deciding to receive liposuction, patients not only need to decide whether this procedure is right for them, but whether to undergo laser or traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction is performed by a surgeon that inserts a cannula, or metal tube, into the skin that is used to suck out fat. There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing regular liposuction. The greatest advantage is that more fat can be removed during a traditional liposuction, than a laser liposuction surgery. Therefore, patients that desire a large fat loss and dramatic results may want to choose the traditional route. Unfortunately, traditional liposuction is a much more violent and traumatic procedure. Patients are much more likely to suffer from side effects, such as bleeding, skin irregularities, scarring, swelling, bruising, and pain, than those that choose the laser surgery. However, as with most cosmetic surgeries, the risk of these side effects can be greatly reduced by choosing a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. Laser liposuction, the most popular form of which is SmartLipo, is a procedure where a laser is used to melt fat, that is also removed with a cannula. However, because the fat is in liquid form, a much thinner cannula is used, which helps to reduce scarring. Patients are also less likely to suffer from severe bruising, swelling, skin irregularities, and pain, because of the use of the laser. Another advantage of choosing this type of surgery, is that the procedure can be completed under local, rather than general The greatest disadvantage of laser liposuction is that less fat can be removed than with traditional methods. However, because less fat can be removed, patients are less likely to suffer from skin regularities, or bumps, from the surgeon removing too much fat. Additionally, patients that choose this route may also undergo several procedures until they reach the results and fat removal that they desire. Therefore, when deciding whether to undergo traditional or laser liposuction, patients must consider the amount of fat they want removed, their schedule, and the risk they are willing to take before making an informed decision.

Are there pictures of liposuction surgery in progress?

"Yes. There are many pictures of the liposuction process online. Many places that offer liposuction have before and after pictures, along with actual surgery pictures."

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