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over 3 billion since the dawn of man. They can carry over 100b known diseases

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Q: How many people has the mosquito killed?
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What animal has killed the most people?

The animal that has killed the most people is the human animal. Second on the list is the mosquito that carries disease and kills many people each year.

Which type of animal killed the most people in 2009?

the mosquito, *SWAT*

Does mosquito killer eats mosquito?

No mosquitoes aren't eaten by mosquito killers they are just killed by them.

What animal killed the most people in ancient Egypt?

My vote would be the housefly or mosquito- they killed by spreading disease- far more people than were killed by large animals.

What Disease that mosquitos carried killed many early colonists?

Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne viral illness that killed many early colonists.

What animal has killed the most humans?

The mosquito

How many piranhas killed by people?

are you trying to ask how many piranhas killed people, or how many people have killed piranhas.

Which tyrant was killed by a mere mosquito?

Titus II

Which kaafir king was killed by a lame mosquito?


How many killed people in the twin towers?

2996 people were killed btw its how many people were killed lol

What kills more humans a poisonous mosquito or a great white shark?

Mosquitoes are not poisonous but they can spread diseases, some of which can be fatal. People who die from mosquito-spread diseases far outnumber the people killed by shark attacks.

Who is the mosquito predators?

What are mosquito predators? people are the predators

Can an Asian Tiger Mosquito be killed?

Yes. The Asian Tiger Mosquito, which has spread from southeast Asia to many other countries, becoming a significant pest, has several natural enemies. These include: A mosquito that feeds on other mosquito lavae, spiders, flatworm, some beetles, fungi and paramecia.

How many people die because of mosquito bites in a year?


Do mosquito bite dead people?

a mosquito does not bite dead people unless they are recently passed. the blood has to be flowing for a mosquito to bite.

What is considered more dangerous in the world snakes spiders fish or insects?

I believe the mosquito has killed more people than hitler

How many people were killed in the battle of Princeton?

520 people were killed

How many people were killed by toasters?

256 people have been killed.

How many people were killed in the jarrell tornado?

27 people were killed.

How many people has chopper reid killed?

He killed 19 people

How many people were killed in the boson massacre?

8 people were killed

How many other people were killed when Osama bin Laden was killed?

3 people were killed

How was King Tutankhamun killed?

probably malaria (aka mosquito bite)

How many people were killed in Hitler's rise to power?

how many people has hil\tler killed?

How electric mosquito killer lamp works?

Insect are killed when they are tired flying or takes a pee and lands on the mosquito killer lamp.