How many people have been sucked down by the Bermuda Triangle?

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Over 150 people in aircraft have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle, and over 700 at sea.
These numbers are approximate, and there aren't always listings on what crew and passengers were on board each of the various aircraft or ships, so the actual number could be higher by a fairly significant amount. ... The causes of many of these deaths are also not known, so it isn't all that accurate to say that they were "sucked down" by the triangle... only that they died in the vicinity.
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How many people disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?

It is claimed that more than 1,000 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, this has not been proven. Though myth and scare mongering has to be taken into account making it about 750 people who have actually become lost in the Bermuda triangle

How many people died in the Bermuda triangle?

1872: The Mary Celeste 1945: The disappearance of 5 Navy avengers - Flight 19 1947: Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda 1948: Four-engined Tudor IV lost with 31 lives 1948: DC-3 lost with 32 passengers and crew 1949: Second Tudor IV vanishes 1950: Giant US Air Force Globem ( Full Answer )

How many people have died in the Bermuda triangle?

Over the past century, the Bermuda Triangle is claimed to havetaken over a thousand lives. These numbers cannot be confirmed,however, as myths have potentially inflated that number beyond thetruth.

Does the Bermuda triangle suck you into it?

Possibly- and this could explain lost planes and ships- a Vortex could exist in the area- a whirlpool in reverse, pulling everything down below the sea surface. it is a very rare natural phenomena, but not Impossible- like a surface level Black Hole or localized vacuum would be. There is a Vortex i ( Full Answer )

How long has the Bermuda triangle been around?

The first known use of the term "Bermuda Triangle" or "Devil'sTriangle" was in a magazine article in a 1964 article that waspublished in 'Argosy' by Vincent Gaddis called 'The Deadly BermudaTriangle'. Then in 1974, two books were published, 'The BermudaTriangle' by Charles Berlits and 'The Devil's T ( Full Answer )

How many people have come out of the Bermuda Triangle?

Many people have escaped the Bermuda Triangle. Many cruise ships and commercial flights pass through the triangle unharmed. Those who escape with troubles usually tell about strange fog and equipments malfunctions. It is not impssible to escape the Triangle. Just about everyone who has travelled t ( Full Answer )

How many casualties in Bermuda triangle?

nobody can predict the number of casualties as you put it.The fact that Bermuda is real and dangareous.I learnt so many people are doubting it but yet is time to face the reality.for long ago geographers try to figure out what the cost is yet there attempts where not successfull,but i can assure you ( Full Answer )

How does the bermudia triangle suck people in?

It doesn't. The Bermuda triangle is a HUGE area, intersected by a couple of shipping lanes. It doesn't kill more people/cause more accidents than any other comparable water surface of the same area.

Has there been a expedition to the Bermuda triangle?

Try to visit It's the English translation of the book about Mizar Expedition in Bermuda Triangle, in 1977. You can download for free! bye!

How many people live in the Bermuda Triangle?

The population of Bermuda is approx. 68,265; the population of Peurto Rico is approx. 3,978,702; the population of the Bahamas is approx. 310,426. That's a total of approx. 4,115,000 permanent residents of these three countries. There are also several hundred thousand visitors that regularly tra ( Full Answer )

Why do people fear the Bermuda triangle?

It was said by the people that , there is a dragon under the sea . And if somebody passes through, it emits waves. So, that waves are responsible for the mystery of disappearing planes,aircrafts,etc., But as per our research , we found that there is a strong magnetic field under the sea. So, spirali ( Full Answer )

How many people died from the Bermuda triangle?

No people have died from the Bermuda Triangle because it is only lines drawn on a map. The people who have died in the area designated by these lines have died from normal occurrences for areas frequented by boat and air travelers; those deaths (or disappearances) are a result of normal, volatile ( Full Answer )

Why do people dissapear in the Bermuda triangle?

Possible Reasons for the Disappearances UFOs Some theorists believe that the strange, unexplainable nature of these disappearances points to UFOs and abductions by extraterrestrial beings. These occurrences first happened at the beginning of the UFO era, and it's thought that while in flight or ( Full Answer )

How many incidents happened in the Bermuda triangle?

None. It's all a hoax. Of course, others will disagree. :) Lawrence David Kusche, a research librarian from Arizona State University and author of The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved (1975)[15] has written a book that explains the number of inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the Bermuda Triangle b ( Full Answer )

How does the Bermuda triangle make people disappear?

The same way people disappear in any ocean. They drown! There is no mystery to the Bermuda Triangle. The number of peoplewho go missing in any one region of the ocean is generallyproportional to the density of traffic within that region. Thedenser the traffic, the more losses there are likely to be ( Full Answer )

How many books are about the Bermuda triangle?

Specifically on the Bermuda Triangle, the book by that title by Charles Berlitz, also the older and good ( not far-out, author- a fishing commentator- tries to remain objective- Invisible Horizons by Vincent ( Gadabout) Gaddis. it is totally unlike his peppy, revved up radio program, but not at all ( Full Answer )

How many people do and don't believe in the Bermuda Triangle?

okay,the storys are true but they make people think the Bermuda triangle is full of the super natural. yeah people disapear ,but, there is a strong magnetic force in that small part of the world . really the only thing that goes on there is theres a stronger gravitatoinal pull! et vous probablement ( Full Answer )

Do people ever come out of the Bermuda Triangle?

Everyday since it is in a shipping route used by boats. The Bermuda Triangle varies its exact location depending of who is telling the story. Whichever version of the 'triangle' you are referring to, hundreds of thousands to millions of people live, work, and lead normal, everyday lives, including ( Full Answer )

How the people died in Bermuda Triangle?

Inside the Bermuda Triangle their are hundred of small islands due to this people tend to lose their since of direction or lose faith in their directional equipment. They will then change course until either a they run out of supplies or food. This is the believed reason for lost piolets and such. a ( Full Answer )

How many people have been lost from the Bermuda triangle?

Over 1000 people have been recorded lost in it. No one has been lost from the Bermuda Triangle because it is only lines drawn on a map. The people who have died or disappeared in the area designated by these lines have died from normal occurrences for areas frequented by boat and air travelers ( Full Answer )

Are people afraid of the Bermuda Triangle?

Some people are afraid, but the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the area each year are not. The area referred to as the Bermuda triangle is also an extremely popular vacation area.

How many aircrafts were lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

There is no way to know, since if they vanished, they are not known to have done so in the Triangle. The triangle is a made-up mystery. In fact, given the weather etc. there, it is no less safe than any other place.

How many ships have dissapeared at the Bermuda triangle?

There have been hundreds but very few famous ones. Most disappearances are just small yachts and private planes. Here are the details about the two most famous disappearance's. The USS Cyclops and Flight 19. This is my rough draft for a paragraph on my high school paper. Note: Taylor I. of West Ridg ( Full Answer )

Why everything is sucked up by Bermuda triangle?

It isn't. The Bermuda Triangle is a made-up mystery; you are no more likely to vanish there than any other piece of ocean... or you can bet the insurance companies would forbid travel in the danger zone. If you are really interested in how the Bermuda Triangle Hoax got started, there's a book cal ( Full Answer )

Why have people been disapearing in the Bermuda Triangle?

Nobody really knows for sure. There is an interesting theory that there is a natural magnetic field which plays havoc with compasses and navigation equiptment. Another theory is this magnetic field actually pulls boats and planes down into a vortex in the water. That may explain why water and air cr ( Full Answer )

Why do people talk adout the Bermuda triangle?

People like to talk about the Bermuda Triangle for the same reason people like fairy tales and scary stories, for entertainment and stimulation of their imagination.

How did the people disappeare Bermuda Triangle?

Possible Reasons for the Disappearances UFOs Some theorists believe that the strange, unexplainable nature of these disappearances points to UFOs and abductions by extraterrestrial beings. These occurrences first happened at the beginning of the UFO era, and it's thought that while in flight or ( Full Answer )

What do people think is the Bermuda triangle?

the Bermuda triangle, also known as the devil's triangle, is the popular name given to a triangular region of the Atlantic ocean off the Southwest united states. People think of it as a mysterious triangle where due to unexplained reasons, more than 50 ships, 20 aircraft, and 1000 lives have been lo ( Full Answer )

How do people describe the Bermuda triangle?

Some people describe the Bermuda triangle as a supernatural area that is dangerous to humans and other living or unliving objects. I describe it as a strange mystery that noone has figured out. Others say that it's a magnetic forefield that pushes planes and boats under the water to never return to ( Full Answer )

Where do the people disappear through Bermuda triangle?

There is nothing "special" about the Bermuda Triangle, except that it is an area of ocean where storms can rise and claim ships and planes. In all probability, the people that have "disappeared" in this region are lying and/or decomposed at the bottom of the Atlantic.

What are the names of the people that survived the Bermuda triangle?

The survivors of the Bermuda triangle include (but are not limited to) the entire population of Miami Florida, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, parts of the Bahamas, all of the thousands of passengers on all of the major cruise lines, air lines, and private transportation who dare to enter the triangle each ye ( Full Answer )

Why is it important that people know about the Bermuda triangle?

There are a couple of reasons why. If I'm about to travel into an area that is dangerous I certainly want to be informed of it. Additionally, it is important to learn the exact cause for the disappearences in order to prevent further tragedy.

How do people explain the mystery of the Bermuda triangle?

They explain it as an mysterious triangle also know as the devil's triangle it has cause many disappearances for at least 500 some say it's a bubble which sinks boats and aircraft but where are they found in the ocean to be sinked.

How many plans were lost in Bermuda triangle?

Many plains boats and other things got lost in the burmuda triangle I think hundreds lots. They say there's three ghost thr come up and swoop a invisible net over harmless people and drown them so people never find them again. Hope this helped👻