How many people have cable television?

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Am I guessing? As of 2005 it was 51%
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How many people had TVs when they first were invented?

The television was first demonstrated by John Logie Baird in March 1925. This was the first public demonstration and at that time the number of people that had televisions was precisely one person, Mr Baird. In 1929, the BBC began television broadcasts and Baird sold several hundred televisions dur ( Full Answer )

How does cable TV work?

Answer . it starts at the hub or headend. A place where different services are picked up and then combine within a band or place on spectrum aloted by the FCC.. It flows to your house via coax cable or fiber or both. Your TV tunes to the freq. of the channel you want and coverts it to a picture. ( Full Answer )

How many people watch television?

This depends on your definition of "watch television." Many more people have seen television than have a television set in their home and watch regularly. Nevertheless, hundreds of millions of people watch television in all the countries in the world.

How many people own television?

That is an interesting question because ownership of TVs is actually falling. It used to be about 98% of American households owned at least one television set, but according to the Nielsen Company, which measures television ratings, the number is now down to 96.7 percent of American households-- the ( Full Answer )

How many People in the world have a television?

As of 2014 it is estimated that close to 78 percent of homesthroughout the world own televisions. The number of households withTV sets is steadily increasing each year.

How many people watch basketball on tv?

They are able to get an estimate of how many people watchbasketball on TV with Nielsen ratings. The numbers do not take intoaccount all the people who watch in a group in a local bar or atsomeone's home. More than 20 million people have watched basketballtournaments on TV.

How many people own TV?

It is estimated that approximately 289 million people in the UnitedStates own a TV. It is estimated that 1.6 billion people throughoutthe world own a television.

Why do so many people watch tv?

Because they have nothing better to do, or think it is fun, or are completely bored with their lives. I have no clue.

How many people in the world own a tv?

The amount of people in the world that owns a television can onlybe given as an estimate. There are probably more than 1 billionpeople that have a TV in their home.

How are cable television ratings performed and Do cable outlets have a way to determine how many people are watching a particular show?

Cable companies have no way of knowing what you are watching. Television ratings are performed by companies like Nielson. They can put a device in your home that hooks up to your cable outlet and that device would report to that company and they compile a list of what people are watching. There list ( Full Answer )

How do you use a tv cable in PSP?

First make sure you have a PSP Slim aka PSP 2001 and you check that by looking at the serial number at the bottom of your PSP if you have 2001 or above just plug the what apears to be a headphone jack into the head phone area on your PSP then plug it into the TV.

Is Cable TV or satellite TV better?

both have their pros and cons cable TV is more reliable in storms and snow were satellite will go out if snow builds up on the dish in theory HD on cable TV should be better but isn't because of the amplifying system out on the hard line outside so its more for what u what at your home

Can you repair a cable connector on a TV?

A television technician may be able to do this task - I certainly wouldn't attempt this project by yourself. It will require removal of the circuit board that this CATV connector is soldered to ... dangerous voltages haunt inside any TV, even if it is turned off and unplugged. The television tube, b ( Full Answer )

How many people watch Christian TV?

It is estimated that the number of people who watch Christian TV isabout 46%. This is manly due to the fact that Christianity is avery popular religion in the world.

Who invented cable not tv but cable only?

Harry Maurice Dillow of Perry Hall, MD He had the original idea, but wasn't sure it would work. He gave the company he worked for the idea. He would have been a billionaire if he quit and did it buy himself, but gave the idea to his company because he had 3 kids and a wife to take care of, and had f ( Full Answer )

How many people invented the television?

John Logie Baird invented the first television in 1925. It used electro-mechanical devices to produce the picture, and was used by the BBC for seven years before being replaced with a fully electronic system. The BBC invited bids from both Bair and Marconi-EMI and opted for the Marconi-EMI system wh ( Full Answer )

How many people have a tv in their homes?

People who can afford to buy television and afford to pay electric bills were the ones who have televisions in their homes. Unfortunately, there lots of people who can't even eat three times a day how much more having a television. Except for those in the first world countries. My answer is, there i ( Full Answer )

What are the correct cables for HDTV cable TV?

No one answer to this one....match what your cable box has with what your TV has. HDMI is the name of the newest standard, DVI was its predecessor. If you have a mismatch adapters may be obtained on your own, unlikely the cable company will provide assistance to that level. You can get by with using ( Full Answer )

What is a Cable Television?

Cable television is a system of providing television to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables as opposed to the over-the-air method used in traditional television broadcasting (via radio waves) in which a television antenna is ( Full Answer )

Depth of cable tv cables?

Usually below the 'frost line' in most areas, or from four to six feet, on the average. But if you're going to be doing any digging, call first so they can come out and mark where it is. There's usually a 'call before you dig' number in your phone book.

How many people have tv in Puerto Rico?

According to the US Government 2010 digital transition survey there were 1,261,325 TV households in Puerto Rico. According to the 2010 census there are 1,480,330 total households in Puerto Rico. This means that 85% of Puerto Ricans have at least one TV in their house. 98.5% of US households ( Full Answer )

How many people do not watch TV?

Exactly how many people do not watch television is extremely difficult to determine, a) because the exact number who do is not known and b) neither is the total exact population of Earth. However the number would easily be in the multiple billions.

Why does the cable tv work but cable internet does not?

Because cable TV runs on a different frequencies than cable Internet. Or you haven't paid your bill and the last thing to get shut down is the cable. The company can shut down the Internet remotely but need to manually disconnect your cable. Or the most simple one. The first question a costumer serv ( Full Answer )

Is satellite TV cable the same as cable TV cable?

satellite cables and TV cables are the same to a point. the difference in the too are is the TV cable a RG59 or a RG6 RG59 will not work with satellite because if the smaller center conductor with satellite it pushes power were it will end up destroying the center conductor RG6 witch is in new ( Full Answer )

How many people watch TV worldwide?

probably about 3 billion people worldwide because in the 2006 Germany football world cup, about 3 billion watched it

How many people watch Gaelic on tv?

For the 2009 Hurling Championship All-Ireland final, there was a 68% TV audience share in Ireland. An average audience of 771,000 people watched the match and the audience peaked at 912,000, in the dying minutes of the match. That is just the figures from within Ireland. All around the world Irish p ( Full Answer )

How many people are there in friends the tv show?

Six Main Characters:Rachel Greene (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller Bing (Courtney Cox Arquette), Phoebe Buaffy (Lisa Kudrow), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc)

Can you get a shock from a cable TV wire?

Actually you can, I found this out the hard way. I was having problems with my cable and internet and had a service man come out but he could not find the trouble so I took some advice he had on setting up my splitters in a different way to increase my reception. While unhooking the cable wires I go ( Full Answer )

How many people watch golf on tv?

1/5 US Americans tune in to watch consistent golf on promontory 26 different channels every week weather a recording saved or preferably the pros.

Do you need a tv cable for accept Internet television?

You don't need a cable or satellite subscription to watch live TVand Internet TV/VOD on your device. It's better to use aninternet-connected computer and hook it up to your TV via HDMIcable. A laptop or mini-computer would be better. The reason why acomputer is better than any streaming media device ( Full Answer )

Where to get a tv cable?

You can get coaxial (coax) or HDMI cord online or at best buy or target.

Who have the best HDMI cable for your tv?

You can get some good cables but you can also pay a lot more money that you need to for a HDMI cable. Shopkeeprs will try to sell you a £50 cable when you only need a £10 one, just because they get a large cut, more than by selling the TV itself!

How many people want a digital TVs?

The amount of people that want TV's are people that have sex first all you do is kiss someone and touch their boobs and their parts

Who was the inventor of cable tv?

Cable TV wasn't invented by one person on their own. It was developed by a number of different people over a number of years. It started out in the late 1940's and was first transmitted in 1953 using a design by RCA.

Is Direct TV cable or satellite?

Direct TV uses a satellite dish to give programming that rivals the best cable packages at much cheaper prices. They use a Whole home DVR that can be accessed from anywhere to control all of your TV's.

How do you change TV from cable to antena?

There should be a button on your remote. If not, try looking in your television menu or on your TV itself. If you have lost your manual for your TV, many manufactures have downloadable - printable manuals--you just need to know your TV brand and model.

Where can you buy long tv cables?

Your local electronics store, whether it be Best Buy, or Future Shop, etc., etc.,. Wal-Mart may also carry them.

How many people watched 9.11 on TV?

im guessing billions worldwide, its the most famous impactful event in tv history, almost everyone on the planet know the event

Is broadcast TV the same as cable TV?

In the USA, now days it is. Before there were antennas to get TV signals from the air, and you could only get ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. Then came cable, wire and dish cable. Now there is only cable; dish and cable linkage. There is virtually no more antenna TV signals, and there are thousands of chann ( Full Answer )

How many people enjoy watching tv?

Many people from around the world Enjoy watching TV. and specific shows like Icarly, Spongebob, And Kidd shows. Some people don't enjoy watching TV because it is too violent and too foolish. .