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How many people have cable television?


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2010-10-07 19:27:53
2010-10-07 19:27:53

Am I guessing? As of 2005 it was 51%


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The average cable TV bill in the United States is about 150 dollars a month. This is because many people purchase cable in a package that also includes internet.

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There are many causes and effects of cable television. These causes and effects of cable television include entertainment and laziness.

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c have two point of view about cable Tv. Most of people like to watch cable Tv.Some people who are working to business and other watch cable Tv to explore general knowledge . Some youth and other watch as a creature comforts. Anyway, I think, watching cable Tv has impact. So cable Tv is good.

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DTV stands for direct TV, an alternative to cable providers. Many people find that DTV is the best option when cable is expensive - or when cable companies prove unreliable or frustrating.

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Whether a person would rather go out with their spare money or have TV and cable will vary with each person. The majority of people would probably pick TV and cable because there are not many people that have spare money these days.

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