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How many people have died from Swine Flu in Britain?

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According to the National Health Service (NHS), as of July 16, 2009, there have been 26 deaths in England to date.

Health Protective Agency (HPA) estimates that there were 55,000 new cases of swine flu last week (range 30,000 - 85,000). This estimate is based on latest weekly consultation rates for flu-like illness, taking into consideration positivity rates for Swine Flu H1N1 from HPA's virological sampling and a range of assumptions related to the numbers of people attending their GP.

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How many people died of Swine Flu?

16 455 people died in the Swine Flu Pandemic in 2009

How many people died in Ireland from Swine Flu?

To date, on the 5th of September 2009, 3 people have died of Swine Flu in Ireland.

How many people died in Thailand from Swine Flu?

I do not think any died, but they have it?

How many people have died from the Swine Flu in Maryland?

ten people have died in Maryland cause of Swine flu check it out for yourself.. ;) http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/swine-flu/bal-md.fludeath14oct14,0,1910008.story

How many people died from the Swine Flu in South Africa?

41 people died from the swine flu in south Africa how'd it get there when it was started in Mexico its stretching across the whole globe

How many people have died in the state of Mississippi from Swine Flu?

As of 9/21/09 five people have died of the A-H1N1/09 Swine Flu pandemic virus in the US state of Mississippi.

How many people died from the swine flu in the 60's?

it is hard to tell how many it was but people suspected it was 14000

How many people in Florida have died from Swine Flu?

As of Sept. 2, 2009 State Health Officials say that 70 people have died from the Swine Flu (also known as the H1N1 virus) in the state of Florida.

For how many days a Swine Flu attacked person may live?

most of the people who had swine flu have gotten better. its only a few who have died

How many people fought in the battle of Britain?

Around 4000 people who fought in the battle of Britain died

How many people died in Britain because of the Romans?

About 500,000 people died because of the romans

When Swine Flu first hit how many died?

swine flu is a recent flueven right now not many have died so far

Who many people have swine flu in England?

Estmiated 335 People Have Swine Flue in England

How many Germans died in the Battle of Britain?

there were many who died. there were so many that many of the people in time that had tried to count have lost track. there was about 2800 people that died. that was what many people have come to.

Is swine flu in port des torrent?

Yes it is. That's where it is most severe and many people have died there.

How many people worldwide got the swine flu?

93 in the us and 163 in Mexico. But some have died.

How many Britain people died in world war 2?

About 451,000 British people died in WW2

How many people have the swine?

half the world has the swine flu! Watch out! peace :} not true-

Could Swine Flu kill?

Yes. If not treated correctly it could cause death, as many people in the U.S. have died from it!

How many people in nz have the Swine Flu?

According to Wikipedia, 1272 people have got the swine flu in NZ with 5 deaths.

How many people in Alaska died of Swine Flu?

As of 9/1/09 there have been a total of 272 confirmed cases of Swine Flu A-H1N1/09 reported by Alaska, with only one death.

How many have died in the US?

How many people so far have died in the united states from the swine flu? about 2 million 5000 600 and 72 at the rate my machine says write now

How many died in swine flue virus?

According to MSNBC the number of actual deaths related to the Swine Flu is 80.

How many people from Britain died in World War 1?

1,784,937 soldiers died, 1,947,734 soldiers injured

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