How many people have downloaded the new Pokemon game?

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According to a USA Today article, as of 13 July 2016, 15 millions people have downloaded the game in the US alone, but these numbers are always changing.
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Is there a new version of Pokemon games?

There is REMAKES. Heart gold soul silver remakes of gold and silver from GBC ___________________________________ Link for info:

Is there going to be a new Pokemon game?

There all coming out at least 2010: Heart gold Soul Silver Pokemon Ranger Tracks Of Light Explores of Sky ___________________________________ Oh yea, don't believe the Pokemon "OPAL" its way fake. BTW, looking forward to the 5th gen! ___________________________________ Links for info ( Full Answer )

Where can you download a Pokemon game for the computer?

First you will need WinRar. Download it from this link: (the reson why you need Win Rar so you can extract files) after you download it click it with your right mouse button and press: Extract to wrar/390 Then you need to down ( Full Answer )

Is there a PC download for a Pokemon game?

go to Google and type in there will be a website click it then on the ROM search bar type in Pokemon and u can download any of those Pokemon games once u download it u have 2 get the emulator for watever the game is for

Is their going to be a new Pokemon game?

in the coro-coro magazine on japan, there have been discussion of the release the third version of diamond and pearl, like all the previous games ruby and sapphire has a third game which is emerald, gold and silver which is crystal, now what next gemstone would it be?

Where to download a pokedex of all the new Pokemon?

you can get one at pokedex / pokedex .HTML or get it at can also just VIEW one at If that dosent help you I'm not sure what will.

Will there be new Pokemon games?

Japan is releasing Pokemon Platinum this spring and it will be released in America in 2009. It is made as an add-on to the Diamond and Pearl games for the DS, like Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Yellow were.

Is there a new Pokemon game for the psp?

\n. \nno\n__________________________________________________________\n. \nYES BUT YOU MUST HAVE CUSTOM FIRMWARE AND A MEMORY STICK WITH AT LEAST A GIG OF MEMORY ON IT.YOU CAN DOWN LOAD IT AT THIS LINK. IT IS JUST TH ( Full Answer )

When will a new Pokemon game be out?

Pokemon Platinum should be out sometime in 2009 . This game is the equivalent of the Emerald, of the RSE generation, and will have many added extras , using the DS' features to make the game even more fun .

Where can you download Pokemon game for Mac?

There isn't any. The mac has a small commercial gaming developer community.. you can download a emulator and some nintendo DS/Gameboy/Gameboy Advance pokemon games at (you cannot download 3DS games, through.).

How do you get the new Pokemon games?

Well...There are two ways that I know of. First way is to download an emulator and then download the game that you want. A good site that I used before is The second way is...Yes you guessed it.(Buy the game of course!)

Where you can downloads new games?

lime wire is OK. The one thing is 99% of the stuff is illegal, and the downloads range from 500kbps to nothing at all, to the ultimate crap shoot. I recommend going pro on lime wire (or frost wire), and making sure you are downloading flash games, otherwise, you can get around 40 piracy charges per ( Full Answer )

How care you download Pokemon game?

First you have to download a emulator the DS emulators don't work well for me so you'll have to play an old Pokemon game. So download a emulator called visual boy. Once you have done that look for the ROM of the Pokemon game you want.

What are all the new Pokemon games?

the very newest games are Pokemon platinum(cums out 22nd march 4 American version 22nd may 4 british version) my Pokemon ranch and Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky cums out sum time 2009 go 2 4 more info

Can you download Pokemon from the internet to what if your Pokemon diamond game?

Check out one of these sites for more information: ( Full Answer )

How can you download Pokemon from the computer onto your Pokemon Pearl game?

No, but there might be a extremely illegal website that does but even if you did find it it would be really hard to find like on page 100 on Google but if you want a Pokemon just get action replay DS and there will be every single Pokemon that you can catch so if you want loads of Pokemon get action ( Full Answer )

Free download for PC games Pokemon?

You download Pokemon games, it's illegal. Better, you must buy it. :) yep hes right but ya can try it out heres the place .

Pokemon HeartGold is this a new Pokemon game?

Yes, partly. It is a DS remake of the original Gold and Silver games. It has new additions, including features that are now DS-oriented. The graphics are a lot better too. There are new mini-games, and the Pokedex is completely redesigned. Also you can get all the gym leader's PokeGear phone numbers ( Full Answer )

How do you download games news etc on the iphone?

\neasy just tap the app store icon on ur iPhone. from dere u cud download games apps wallpapers ... etc.\nderes also otha apps lyk da app store bt u need a jailbroken iPhone to run dose lyk cydia store or icy hope dis helps\n. \nps as 4 da newz dere r apps on da app store just 4 dat.

Pokemon new game in 2012?

Pokemon rumble DS ------------------------------------ I have thought of 2 new games for pokemon but I'm not saying them in case anyone copy's my idea... So I'm sending my ideas to The Pokemon Company.

How Do You Make A Pokemon Game No Download?

If you mean without downloading a program, then you have to be able to create a program yourself to do the work. But if you knew how to do this, you wouldn't be asking this question. You can search game forums for a good program, but creating a game can take years of hard work, look at nintendo's re ( Full Answer )

How do you put a new game on Pokemon?

You can put a new game on Pokemon but if it's past Pokemon Platinum you have to go to the title screen and press Up and select B buttons, all at the same time.

Is there a Pokemon game on PC that you don't have to download?

yeah type in roms on Google and you'll get a page for emulators and roms more than likely coolroms will pop up first on the list. Download a gameboy advanced ROM and then go to the roms section and download whatever game you want.

Where can you download Pokemon PC games with no pay?

Go to and download the pokemon game yoeu want Free of charge. The from the same website, download the respective emuators that is recommended I recommend Download the desmeME emulator and you can play any version of pokemon, from RedBlue to Black and White by downloadin ( Full Answer )

Where to play Pokemon games free no download?

You can play the pokemon games (except ds games) and other retro nintendo games such as Mario on : You'll have to download the plugin but it takes up very little space. You'll also need to sign up but once signed up, you can play any game, save your status and chat to other people wh ( Full Answer )

How many people play pokemon online games?

With multiple games and platforms, Nintendo has over 70,000 unique visitors per week to their Pokemon main site. If one were to factor in all of the Pokemon sites that are currently available the number would be 1,340.000 visitors per week.

When will the new Pokemon game be released?

Pokemon X and Y are the newest addition to the pokemon franchise, however their release date has been announced as October 2013, a definite date has not yet been supplied by Game Freak.

Why do so many games have to be downloaded?

It is hard to run really large games just from the "cloud"... itslows them down because there is a lot of loading stuff intomemory, and the computers that we use only have a certain amount ofmemory that they can use before they have to start keeping some ofit locally (which means we would have to do ( Full Answer )