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Yes. There is at least one documented case of a meteor passing through a human. The individual, who remains nameless, was killed when a meteor passed through his chest. Death was instantaneous.

  • 1420 BC Israel - Fatal meteorite impact.
  • 588 AD China - 10 deaths; siege towers destroyed.
  • 1321-68 China - People & animals killed; homes ruined.
  • 1369 Ho-t'ao China - Soldier injured; fire.
  • 02/03/1490 Shansi, China - 10,000 deaths.
  • 09/14/1511 Cremona, Italy - Monk, birds, & sheep killed.
  • 1633-64 Milono, Italy - Monk killed.
  • 1639 China - Tens of deaths; 10 homes destroyed.
  • 1647-54 Indian ocean - 2 sailors killed aboard a ship.
  • 07/24/1790 France - Farmer killed; home destroyed; cattle killed.
  • 01/16/1825 Oriang, India - Man killed; woman injured.
  • 02/27/1827 Mhow, India - Man injured.
  • 12/11/1836 Macao, Brazil - Oxen killed; homes damaged.
  • 07/14/1847 Braunau, Bohemia - Home struck by 371 lb meteorite.
  • 01/23/1870 Nedagolla, India - Man stunned by meteorite.
  • 06/30/1874 Ming Tung li, China - Cottage crushed, child killed.
  • 01/14/1879 Newtown, Indiana, USA - Man killed in bed.
  • 01/31/1879 Dun-Lepoelier, France - Farmer killed by meteorite.
  • 11/19/1881 Grossliebenthal, Russia - Man injured.
  • 03/11/1897 West Virginia, USA - Walls pierced, horse killed, man injured.
  • 09/05/1907 Weng-li, China - Whole family crushed to death.
  • 06/30/1908 Tunguska, Siberia - Fire, 2 people killed. (referenced throughout paper)
  • 04/28/1927 Aba, Japan - Girl injured by meteorite.
  • 12/08/1929 Zvezvan, Yugoslavia - Meteorite hit bridal party, 1 killed.
  • 05/16/1946 Santa Ana, Mexico - Houses destroyed, 28 injured.
  • 11/30/1946 Colford, UK - Telephones knocked out, boy injured.
  • 11/28/1954 Sylacauga, Alabama, USA - 4 kg meteorite struck home, lady injured.
  • 08/14/1992 Mbole, Uganda - 48 stones fell, roofs damaged, boy injured.


There was a German boy about 2 years ago who was hit in the thumb by a meteor about the size of a pencil eraser. He was only slightly injured.

And a woman lying in bed back in the mid-50's was struck by a rock the size of her fist; she also survived.

Of course, most meteors explode or vaporize passing through the atmosphere; the remains are dust. So if you've ever walked through a cloud of dust, you've probably been hit by a meteor, or at least, by the remains of one.

And there are several unexplained aircraft crashes for which no cause has ever been determined. The chances of an aircraft being destroyed by a meteor are astronomical - however, meteors are themselves "astronomical", and as long as we keep flying and meteors keep falling, eventually a meteor WILL hit an aircraft in flight. It's only a matter of time.


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