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How many people have the name jasmine?

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It is impossible to say how many people have a certain name. Not all countries register all births and record such things. Nor is there any centralised register.

In addition similar names can be totally different in different languages and contractions of names differ from place to place.

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How many people in the world share the name jasmine?

-more then name is jasmine too! -'*if your name is jasmine please wirte your name on here so we can find the real answer

Why do people spell jasmyn like jasmine?

Because Jasmine is the correct spelling of the plant name, which is where people got the name from in the first place.

What should jasmine do?

If you are talking about the name Jasmine, it is a type of flower. It is purple, and it has many buds on one stem. Jasmine has a very floral smell. It is good to breathe it in, and it can soothe the system, calming you down. People also use jasmine in tea, so that should tell you how good jasmine is for the body.

The name jasmine a cute name?

its a very cute name a lot of people like it^^

What is the birth name of Jasmine Guffond?

Jasmine Guffond's birth name is Jasmine Guffond.

Jasmine is it a name or a flower?

Jasmine can be a flower name and or a girls name.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Lliteras?

Jasmine Lliteras's birth name is Jasmine Renee Lliteras.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Murray?

Jasmine Murray's birth name is Jasmine Sharee Murray.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Armfield?

Jasmine Armfield's birth name is Jasmine Carol Armfield.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Sendar?

Jasmine Sendar's birth name is Jasmine Jeritza Sendar.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Trias?

Jasmine Trias's birth name is Jasmine Soriano Trias.

How many name can you make from jasmine?

there is 12,900000 and 50

Is Jasmine a nice name?

Yes, Jasmine is a nice name.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Heikura?

Jasmine Heikura's birth name is Tea Jasmine Beatric Heikura.

How many people are called jasmine in the world?


What name is better jasmine or jazzarae?


What is jasmine conn's middle name?

jasmine conn's middle name is Marie

What is Jasmine Villegas' full name?

Her name is Jasmine Marie Villegas. As an artist she is Jasmine V. Her parent's are divorced, she and her big brother use their cousins last name either. I guess it's her mum's last name now. So her name is either Jasmine Marie Villegas or Jasmine Marie Vales.Jasmine Marie Villegas ♥jessica jasmine villegasWhat? That makes no sense. Obviously her name is Jasmine Villegas!Her full name is Jasmine Marie Villegas and yea , i agree it makes no sence lolJasmine Villegas's birth name is Jasmine Marie Villegas.Jasmine Marie VillegasJasmine Marie VillegasHer middle name is Marie so her full name is Jasmine Marie Villegas

What is Jasmine Sullivan's real name?

Jasmine Sullivan

Which actress act in Veerana As Jasmine?

Her name was Jasmine.

What is the meaning of jasmine name?

It is a blue jasmine flower

Where did jasmine originate from?

The name Jasmine originated from the Persian name Yasmen. The flower jasmine is native to Iran and western South Asia.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Delatori?

Jasmine Delatori's birth name is Ariel McVicker.

What is the birth name of Jasmine Tolentino?

Jasmine Tolentino's birth name is Hiyasmin Pangilinan.

What does the name yasmin mean?

It is Persian for the jasmine flower. People who are called yasmin are beautiful and amazing people