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How many people have their identity stolen every year?


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1 in 6 people fell victim to identity theft last year, costing consumers and businesses over $50 billion. Only 28% of those people fell victim to financial identity theft, which is the easiest to repair. The other 72% were medical, drivers license, social security and character/criminal identity theft. The AARP just announced that medical cards are being sold on the black market for around $500 each and each card is being sold to multiple people. People with no insurance and illegal aliens are buying these cards left and right. What does this mean to you and me if our insurance card is duplicated and sold?

It means their is somebody out there using your card for doctor visits, blood transfusions, cancer treatments, transplants and it could be multiple people in multiple states. And the average person doesn't know their identity has been stolen for 2-3 years. How do you even begin to fix something like this? You can't on your own. On average it costs identity theft victims $1500 to repair their identity after they find out it has been stolen. Identity Theft Shield is the only identity theft protection agency available that will completely restore your identity if it is stolen at no extra charge.

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