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How many people in America eat mcdonalds a day?

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27 million

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Approximately how many people eat at Mcdonalds a day?

47 million people eat at mcdonads a day that is a lot of people !

How many people visit McDonald's ever day?

on average about 87.3/88 people visit mcdonalds

Is mcdonalds open christmas day-?

Yes, many of the McDonalds are open for a limited time on Christmas Day.

How many customers are served at McDonald's each day?

456,567 people are served at mcdonalds on average everyday

How many people visit McDonald's each day?

There are thousands of McDonalds all over the world so I expect that millions of people visit it every day.

How many people go to McDonald's in year?

McDonalds serves around 70,000,000 people per day, which comes out to about 25,550,000,000 people per year.

How many burgers does McDonalds sell a day?

McDonalds sells about 6.5 million burgers every day

Why do so many people get fat when eating McDonalds?

people eat that alot that sometime they get so big is bad for you if you eat it every day you will get fat

How many McDonalds are there in the world?

The McDonalds web site quotes "McDonalds is the leading global food service retailer with more than 30,000 local restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries each day".

How many happy meals does mcdonalds sell a day?

McDonalds sells almost one million Happy Meals every day. The very first McDonalds Happy Meal only cost one dollar and was circus themed.

How many people eat McDonalds a day?

The average number of people eat 300,413 a day. sounds freaky but true story dude! true story! 300,413 whats? calories, macdonalds meals?

How many people eat at McDonalds daily?

The crazy amount of 27 million people every day!!!!These figures are according to buisness week so it might not be right!!!

How many people lined up for the opening of the mcdonalds in Kuwait city?

15,000 customers lined up here on opening day in 1994.

How many people lined up to enter the mcdonalds in Kuwait on 1994?

15,000 customers lined up here on opening day in 1994.

How many times per week do obese people eat at McDonalds?

every day i think there fat and eat A LOT!! LOL :P

How many people have McDonald's everyday?

On a daily basis, about 60 million people are believed to have McDonalds everyday.About 60 million people every day are believed to have McDonald on a daily basis.

How many people are in the hospital each day in America?

About a billion people are admitted in American hospitals daily.

How many people go to eat burgers at Burger King a day?

A Hole Hell of aloT......but dont waist ur time with BK....go to McDonalds

How many people are diagnosed with obesity every day?

Everyone has their weight problems, but America is..

Is McDonalds restaurants open christmas day?

Yes, some McDonalds restaurants are open Christmas Day until 3 PM.

How many McDonalds are eaten every day?

it is aproxementialy 500 cheeseburgers each person everyday

Why is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated in America?

There are many, many people living in the United States of Irish descent.

What were some Italian push factors that made them immigrate to America?

because many people got hit on a day to day basis

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